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540trickzter, Apr 6, 4:08am
Linwood here

themillers1, Apr 6, 4:09am
Yeah just felt it

coralsnake, Apr 6, 4:09am

lankylass, Apr 6, 4:09am
A bit of a rocker. Halswell

mss2006, Apr 6, 4:09am
Big in woolston

mss2006, Apr 6, 4:10am
Our old friends back for a easter visit

tomber, Apr 6, 4:10am
Long and strong in St Albans

joburger, Apr 6, 4:10am
Weak. Redwood. Just a jolt the slow sway.

noely3, Apr 6, 4:11am

lizziep823, Apr 6, 4:11am
Hornby - rumble heard and then a bit of a gap before the wobble - either quite a way away or a lot deeper than usual .

Wondered if it was quite a bigger shake elsewhere (ie couple handy kms away?)

250, Apr 6, 4:12am

lyttelton2, Apr 6, 4:12am
Shakey and long in Bromley.

rua69, Apr 6, 4:13am
By the sea: a good rumble and rattle that went on for a bit.

Wasn't that bothered this time, unlike the last few surprises!

lizziep823, Apr 6, 4:13am
lol yep

Well - we do seem to be them on all the big holidays - New Years this year wasn't it. A few XMAS and boxing days . Another New Years a few years back . And mid winter (June) shakes .
Pm aybe mother nature was helping us find the eggs on Easter egg hunts . Shake them all lose for us

jellijar, Apr 6, 4:13am
ripapa island.
12 down
mag 3.7

smf6661, Apr 6, 4:14am
lytelton I agree Im busy packing for our rebuild & I had glasses sitting on the bech & they fell down & broke & the poor dogs wont come out from behind the couch.

lizziep823, Apr 6, 4:15am
Where the heck is that?

(And so we think geonet got it right / lets make a new GUESTImate forwhen they change it)

mizp, Apr 6, 4:15am
3.8 ; 8 tonnes - felt more like a 4.5. They say 'slight' pffff not in our house it wasn't , there were two booms and then the whole house went. Linwood. Just like the old days eh?

astrophe, Apr 6, 4:23am
Depends where you are. Just a gentle roll here out west.

I've been right over some doozies though, that you would absolutely *swear* were not as low as they're officially called! If it's right under you, it's pretty magnified.

mephismeltdown, Apr 6, 4:24am

nz_nicola, Apr 6, 4:29am
It was a bit harsh in Sumner, enough to make me think, shit! But then we haven't had any for quite a while.

tool_shop173, Apr 6, 4:38am
Its a precurser to the Alpine Fault.

astrophe, Apr 6, 4:40am
In that the Alpine Fault has not gone yet, and this therefore happened before that, yes.

But then, my having pancakes this morning could be considered a precursor to the Alpine Fault, in that case.

ebeater, Dec 19, 7:52am
I believe it may be Port Lyttletons reaction to Ecans just released development plan !

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