Heritage Week Linwood Cemetery Tours

Tours in Linwood Cemetery during Heritage Week.

Topic : Arrivals - Early Settlers in Linwood Cemetery
Saturday 10th October (2pm-4pm)
Sunday 18th October (4pm-6pm)
Saturday 24th October (10am-noon)

Topic: Departures - World War 1 Memorialised in Linwood Cemetery
Sunday 11th October (2pm-4pm)
Saturday 17th October (4pm-6pm)
Sunday 25th October (10am-noon)

Richard Greenaway is also running a tour in Linwood Cemetery as part of his usual Heritage Week Cemetery Tours
on Sunday 25th October (2pm-5pm)

goldclan, Sep 28, 10:57 am

do you have to book

slimgym, Sep 28, 8:15 pm

Yes please at info@linwoodcemetery.org.nz or home phone 381 4171.
This is to see the level of interest for these tours.
The website has more details on these events.

There is no need to book for Richard Greenaway's tour of the cemetery.

The Becca Heritage Week booklet of events has further information on these events also or questions will be answered here except for bookings.

goldclan, Sep 29, 9:35 am

Reposting for any-one who may be interested in these tours.

goldclan, Oct 12, 2:33 pm

Not me. I've lost the plot

lm446, Jan 24, 2:23 am

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