I lost the battery from my Samsung GT- S5511T

mme, Feb 17, 6:43am
I dropped my cell phone today & it went under a car in the New Brighton Car Park & I didn't realise the battery had fallen out! Put the back on & drove off.
There's one on TM but I don't have time to wait for one to be shipped from Auckland.

Telecom / Spark still sell the phone but not the batteries!

Someone mentioned the phone shop in Sydenham on my fb page but she doesn't know the name of it. Does anyone know the name of shop?

Maybe on Colombo St?

robyn35, Feb 17, 6:58am
celltown maybe?

cobbler, Feb 17, 7:00am

mousiemousie, Feb 17, 7:10am
Most malls usually have one of those wee kiosk shops that sell phone cases and battery's and the like. I got mine from one of those places at Northlands.

mme, Feb 17, 7:40am
They have got any on their site but I'll call them 2moro.

mme, Feb 17, 8:39am
Does anyone know what they are called thanks?

I pretty peeved off with Telecom / Spark as they still sell that phone but not the batteries!

mme, Feb 17, 9:05am
Oops I ment they haven't got any on their site .

mme, Feb 17, 9:37pm
So I called a Telecon / Spark store today & they don't stock the batteries. It takes 3 weeks to order them but the best part is they are $79!

The phones are only $139.

I also called the 123 helpline & they are calling me back betwn 40 & 60mins. What bullshit service!

I've signed up with Flip

It's only $60 a month for landland & Broadband & Free National calling.

That's about $30 cheaper than what I'm paying Telescum for the same package.

Their call centre is in NZ & they answer the phone with a person straight away

Check it out!


shortee2, Feb 17, 11:50pm
Why not pop back to the Car Park in New Brighton, and have a look around, if its near any Shops, ask if your Battery has been handed in, worth a try. That's what I would do.

mme, Feb 18, 12:41am
First thing I did & the nearby shops were closed by then

lambrat, Jan 18, 12:49pm

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