Dog Missing Shirley Area

winkadink, Jul 30, 2:28am
Shirley area, mostly white with black markings female staffy. No collar. Missing since this morning, name is Ruby. Please reply to this thread if sited.
Or respond to this post.

jcmp21, Jul 31, 6:45pm
Listed in the usual places? Checked the pound etc?

gutlux, Aug 2, 10:26am
if not already listed put it on the facebook page lost dogs christchurch (there is also a lost cats page) where many people post with the lost and found animals.

winkadink, Aug 5, 6:31am
Thanks have listed there. Just hoping someone spots her roaming around now.

had2have, Aug 6, 5:22am
Any news? we have been keeping an eye out every day when out and about and when walking our girl, we are the ones yous stopped and ask on Locksley Ave last week.

winkadink, Aug 10, 3:46am
Thanks that is very Kind than you. No they have not found her yet. But still hoping.

treecave, Aug 14, 8:12am
has she been found yet.

winkadink, Aug 14, 10:16am
No she hasn't treecave.

winkadink, Aug 5, 2:25pm
Sorry for the late info. Ruby showed up on the doorstep in the afternoon late last week. The owners are thrilled she is back. Thanks to everyone who kept an eye out!

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