Nice Restaurant in Chch?

Who knows of somewhere nice, that does great food but not overly expensive either?

jonowelsh, Jul 9, 1:44 am

Cant beat Sequoia88. jcmp will agree there

craftylady1, Jul 9, 1:48 am

The new sushi train on Lincoln road - kumo sushi

cjh1, Jul 9, 2:33 am

Whats expensive?

jon9, Jul 9, 2:37 am

Persian Kitchen is nice and not overly expensive -

piker55, Jul 9, 4:13 am

Kostas, beautiful food & fresh.

samanya, Jul 9, 5:14 am

Costa's is good,or Tutto bene in Papanui rd.Or, - more expensive,but they often have really good specials at around $50 for set menus,3 courses St Germain,they're on facebook.

cronezone, Jul 9, 5:30 am

^ another vote from me. Very tasty, top quality food, good service and all at a reasonable price. Love it.

intheoneone, Jul 9, 5:54 am


jcmp21, Jul 9, 5:55 am

It depends on if you want Palangi food or Ethnic food of some description. Best place for cheap nice Palangi food is Beat Street Cafe or the Astro Lounge. Most other Palangi restaurants are expensive or no good.

For a genuine Afghani experience try the Afghan restaurant. Last time I was there it was a bit spend at $18 but you don't have to order as he will just cook you a nice meal and it is very nice.

Also in Addington Simo's is very good for Moroccan food.
Also my wife reports that Morrell and Co specialise in meatballs and are good and cheap- (another Palangi restaurant).

There is a multitude of good asian resterants of various varietys in Church Corner and the Windmill centre in Riccarton. Korean is always good value with heaps of free side dishes that you get with your main.

So it really depends on what sort of food you feel like. There is a good variety so let me know what sort of food you want.

Buffet restaurants are no good- expensive and poor quality.

tygertung, Jul 9, 7:03 am

Yes. I went there a couple of weeks ago and made a real pig of my self. It was fantastic.

survivalkiwi, Jul 9, 8:26 am

That place is great if you enjoy fighting over the last savoloy .

survivalkiwi, Jul 9, 8:27 am

Sevantis on Kendal Ave - they quite often have deals on TreatMe or Grabone. Superb food, top notch service, only thing i could fault them on (and its been months since our last visit) wine list was small.

kay34, Jul 9, 8:49 am

Nobanno in Ferrymead is a Bengali restaurant where the food is fresh and delicious

stojo, Jul 9, 1:04 pm

what area of town

slimgym, Jul 9, 4:26 pm

Agree with all those comments. Never had a bad experience there. As for the wine, we don't drink, so that's not an issue for us.

Another place we always find excellent, is iZone out at at Rolleston

craftylady1, Jul 9, 6:02 pm

venuti all the way!

lil_tarnz, Jul 10, 10:18 am

Craythornes in Halswell
Prices are great and ambience nice
Meals are always lovely and the service very good

tawera_moeke, Jul 10, 10:22 am

I've been meaning to go there some time. I'm only about a 5 minute walk away as well lol.

How is their beer selection?

hayster94, Jul 10, 11:59 am

Food is good, but we've always had pretty slow service.

paxie1, Jul 11, 3:41 am

Had an excellent experience there. Highly recommended. These are real enthusiasts.

markwolk, Jan 15, 1:32 pm