Art galleries on foot

04redsox, Jan 22, 3:09am
I googled that they had a site on Tuam St open.

astrophe, Jan 22, 5:30am

04redsox, Jan 25, 7:42am
Hey everyone, saw many giraffes, Tuam St, Bryce (which was fantastic), and the museum. Plus a few busker"s shows. Great visit, thanks for all your help & suggestions!

04redsox, Jan 21, 7:40pm
Hi, I am going to visit Chch tomorrow and would like to see some art exhibitions. I thought I would go to the art center first, then walk to some others galleries/museums.

I would appreciate any suggestions, please. Thank you.

fordy1110, Jan 21, 8:21pm
Art center is still closed. But I am think the Art gallery is open. and the museum is open.
Maybe google Art gallery in chch? Welcome and tomorrow should be a nice day for you. and on Saturday if you are still here the kite day at north new brighton beach and also some buskers from 12pm. :)

04redsox, Jan 21, 9:25pm
thanks fordy1110! I intend to check out the buskers, and will go to the gallery & museum (didn't realise the center was closed- duh)

The kites sound fun, too :-)

fordy1110, Jan 21, 9:34pm
But you can have a wee around and see what work is being done on the Arts center. the gardens. container mall. (restart) Hop on the tram, or the tour bus. I cant even think of what else. Hopefully others will be able to think of some places for you.
Enjoy your stay. and saturday i think will be 28dgs.

nz_nicola, Jan 21, 9:49pm
Other half has an oil in Bryce Gallery up Riccarton rd, it's a very good gallery, you can google him and have a look at his work if you'd like, he has a web page.
David patch oil paintings

04redsox, Jan 21, 11:01pm
Thanks everyone. I'll have a look at Bryce gallery (cheers Nicola), the Art Gallery on Tuam, & the Museum on Rolleston.

It is nice of you guys to take the time to make suggestions and help. Thanks.

cassina1, Jan 21, 11:12pm
Arts Central is worth a look in Peterborough St across from the Town Hall, Art Box Gallery Loftus St Papanui, Picture Framing Gallery 8 Raycroft St Opawa.

04redsox, Jan 22, 12:27am
thank you, I have added them to my list! This is going to be such a great visit.

paulmc, Feb 4, 8:52am
The Christchurch Art Gallery (Worcester/Montreal corner) is closed.

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