ryanm2, Dec 31, 8:32pm

soundsie1, Jan 1, 3:23am
Subaru impresa silver rego number FCW854
. my family is over from the States and people in this vehicle were seen breaking into their vehicle parked outside Willowbank wildlife park!
stolen a bag containing my Uncles passport. they fly out on the 2nd Jan

. please keep an eye out and if seen ring CHCH police. many many thanks

soundsie1, Jan 1, 3:35am
thanks to power of facebook and an unusual last name. passport has been found by local guy on side of road. phew!

tobie2, Jan 1, 4:08am
That's great news that they got the passport back. There is certainly some nasty folk out there, that think its ok just to break into someone else's car !

jhan, Jan 1, 4:10am
I think everyone should warn the visitors to keep important papers with them, to not leave their gear in the car, to lock up everything because we have a real cultural problem in this country with what we call theft and what the thieves call income.

soundsie1, Jan 1, 4:10am
ears and eyes out too please for any of below going cheap on fb etc
ipad, iphone, dive camera, dive computer
. and no he not tech savvy enough to have put gps tracking on bugger!

gman35, Feb 7, 5:13pm
as an aside, what is it about Subaru's (of apparently many diff. models) that makes them so prone to stealing, is it just easy to start them with a screwdriver/any old key etc ?
The Insur. premium on an older (or any ? ) Subaru must be huge !

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