Christchurch Coastal Residents United Meetings

corkranb, Aug 27, 7:19pm
Opposition to Christchurch City Council's proposed new coastal hazard zones is growing.
Mark Munro, a spokesman for the newly created Christchurch Coastal Residents United (CCRU) group, said many people were only just becoming aware of the impact the new hazard zoning would have on their property values.
"There's some very angry people out there as more and more come to know what is happening," he said.
"The council's going to get a lot of angry knocks on the door."
The group was also holding two meetings this week to help spread the message. The first would be in New Brighton Working Men's Club tonight at 7:30pm. A second meeting would be held at Sumner School hall at 5pm this Sunday.

chrispy26, Aug 29, 2:01pm
A very informative meeting. Eastside residents should be made aware this applies to 18,000 homes. This is not just a beach side issue. The new coastal hazard zone effects many areas, As it stands it's red zoneing with no compensation.

corkranb, Aug 30, 12:26am
Yes I agree it isn't simply coastal it is also rivers feeding to or from the ocean. On the plans at
It impacts huge areas including Sumner, Ferrymead, Opawa, Avonside, Burwood along with the city precincts.

jonners2013, Aug 30, 6:55am
but just because it affects a lot of people doesn't mean it should be scrapped. it is there for a reason.

corkranb, Aug 30, 7:54pm
No one disagrees a action plan needs to be considered and a reasoned and timeline plan needs to be put in place as these issues are still 50 to 100 years projected into the future. There is a lot of land effected that has sunk as a direct result of the earthquakes. My mothers land in Farnborough Street has sunk 500mm lower as a direct result of the earthquakes as has land close to the Avon river. This land has been classed as Coastal Inundation zone level one which is just another fancy word for flood zone. under the current proposed legislation empty sections in Zone one classification cannot be built on and there is no mention of compensation. When you look at the proposed rules and regulations some of them are quite draconian and are basically red zoning properties.

jonners2013, Aug 31, 10:05am
Yeah difficult situation for sure.

If a genuine threat has been identified, Council could hardly approve further building on such a site. Flood zones, or changes in any zoning for that matter has never been grounds for compensation.

cassina1, Aug 31, 10:19pm
The problem is that to fix such an issue would involve building dykes or similar structures the cost of which would bankrupt many ratepayers. Allready I think a Estury flood wall has been costed and been considered too expensive. The chance of dying on the road is far greater and we accept we can not all afford big cars/4WDs to give us better protection and I think the same has to apply to flood protection when there are so many other things far more likely that could kill us or stuff up our lives.

lorischch, Aug 31, 11:08pm
Does this include the Inundation zone? We are included in this. We live in Linwood and are nowhere near a river. The soil is sandy and water soaks into it fast. There was no problem with the soil during the earthquakes either. I am having to pay a small fortune in insurance as it can only be insured for a rebuild. Will we even be able to get insurance if this goes through?

cassina1, Jun 23, 4:14pm
Private insurers can cancel policies for any reason and I would guess it would take another big series of earthquakes rather than speculation/computer modelling by engineers for this to happen.

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