Beach cafe waimariri beach

Does anyone know if the previous owners have a new cafe? The food used to be so great but new owners have taken over.

tennisfanz, Oct 7, 10:09 am

Food is even better now. Service is friendlier too!

gaspodetwd, Oct 7, 5:04 pm


bandrach, Oct 7, 5:05 pm

Hmm, will ask my friend. She has just left there, did not like working with the new owners at all. Has a great new job somewhere else now but she would probably know where the old owners went.

vintage_betty, Oct 7, 5:06 pm

Really? I have heard the opposite from a few people now.
Too chicken to go and try it out for myself haha

vintage_betty, Oct 7, 5:07 pm

went recently and it was appalling, the service was crap, waited about 3/4 hour for a coffee and then it was luke warm when we got it. Wont be going back as that is the second time its been like that

robyn35, Oct 7, 5:17 pm

Friend was telling me last week how poor the service was. Had to wait ages for food & muck up with orders with theirs & the next table.

jessie981, Oct 7, 5:20 pm

Must be all about the time and day. That's a bugger to hear. The café has changed many hands.

bandrach, Oct 7, 5:44 pm

Was out there the other day and to me its still as good if not better then its always been Its either a wind up thread or a twisted way to advertise

lilbubble, Oct 7, 6:54 pm

or maybe friends of someone that use work there that wasnt happy and decided to start a thread to knock the place ?

lilbubble, Oct 7, 6:57 pm

seriously? Maybe just maybe the service and coffee is crap and the even the cake slices were pretty average at best. Getting the same service twice is enough to mean i wont be going back

robyn35, Oct 7, 7:08 pm

if it was that bad you should have said something at the time YEAH my experience was 100 positive. Having employed peps myself I no for fact they can sometimes use the net as a tool to hurt your business If things happen

lilbubble, Oct 7, 7:41 pm

and how do you know i didnt?

robyn35, Oct 7, 7:43 pm

not saying i do am i har u want a go

lilbubble, Oct 7, 7:44 pm

Seriously guys not an advertising gimmick. I just wondered if the old owners had started elsewhere as the menu was great. We have a special event coming up and I want to take family somewhere that has great food.

tennisfanz, Oct 7, 8:23 pm

I went last weekend and didn't enjoy my meal. I ordered the Eggs Benedict but I couldn't finish it as it was awful. I don't know how you can muck up Eggs Benedict. I don't plan on going there again.
I agree with the OP - the old owners were great.

helenb10, Oct 8, 12:01 am

My husband had a job interview there, for a Chef position. He said it was the weirdest interview he has ever had LOL

chchgurl, Oct 8, 11:30 am

We went and weren't that impressed. Sister in Law was raving about it - no idea why. Naked Baker. now you're talking!

fimeister, Oct 8, 4:24 pm

Bad service? I could mention a few places that have truly awful service - but beach cafe is certainly not one of them!

I agree that this must be a wind up thread.

gaspodetwd, Oct 8, 4:24 pm

I've tried there a couple of times, based on the rave reviews it got on here, and have been massively underwhelmed both times. Coffee was average at best, and the food wasn't any better than you could get in a packet at Couplands. Service (if you can call it that) was poor.

jamesnmatt, Oct 8, 5:55 pm

I heard simular weeks ago - bad review etc, but then last week my parents said they had been and really enjoyed it and the food was really good.

gutlux, Oct 10, 4:48 pm

We went recently, the service was excellent? Food awful, cold coffee. They were really busy. But won't be back.

pittgirl, Oct 11, 7:47 am

I booked a table online for 12 members of our family, for lunch. When we arrived they had no record of our booking! They managed to set up a table for us and we ordered our meals. When our meals arrived some of them were not what was ordered, and we had to wait a further 20 minutes to receive them. When one of our party was eating their meal they pulled out a piece of clear plastic appox 150mm x 50mm which they brought to the owners attention. He looked at it and went "Whoa", then walked away! All of our meals were below average, all the hash browns were totally burnt, just to mention one thing. This used to be one of our favourite cafes as we live locally, but we will not be going back in a hurry!

grant_cp, Oct 11, 4:57 pm

service & food is crap, Naked Baker beats them hands down on service, food selection & price.

likit, Oct 11, 10:14 pm

We've been going there for the last 2 years once a week and unfortunately the coffee standard has dropped - Also - clearly not a happy place to work as the staff ( one in particular) was bad mouthing the manager to us and telling us how he was crap at making coffee and to send it back??. which we did! We are now looking for a new place for our weekly gathering - SWITCH at new brighton is awesome!

macboy2, Oct 12, 7:02 pm

I went today - really enjoyed my coffee, was a 10 min delay but they were busy.

jane310567, Jan 20, 4:18 am

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