Phone line real crackly, ringing then cutting out

Today when our landline rings it's mostly ringing once then cutting out. The person has to txt me and I can ring them but the line is so crackly it's hard to hear. Who do you ring these days about this? We are on a landline/broadband package with Vodaphone but don't think they deal with issues regarding the line? Thanks.

kenny92, Jun 29, 5:19 pm

Call Vodafone they are your provider and report a fault.

aoc1, Jun 29, 5:23 pm

Thanks will do. Times have changed since you used to ring a number in the telephone book!

kenny92, Jun 29, 6:03 pm

I had this problem years ago, and it was a faulty ADSL filter, so try removing them and see what happens

custom2, Jun 29, 6:11 pm

Good luck getting through to Vodafone. I had to change from them because it was almost impossible to get through to customer support!

tygertung, Jun 29, 6:38 pm

A mate of mines just been hooked up , phone and broadband .
Im getting the same thing . 1 ring , then it answers with nasty static , then it hangs up

golfaholic2, Jun 29, 7:13 pm

we had this and it took ages to discover it was a faulty line on the street pole - it was worse in the wind as the line was blown around.

jane310567, Jun 29, 8:13 pm

Its because we live in a third world country when it come to tele communications

tool_shop173, Jun 29, 9:04 pm

Yea I agree with you there tool_shop!

kenny92, Jun 29, 10:44 pm

I don't believe so. I went over to Tonga a few years ago and their cellphone network was better and it was only a small fraction of the cost to use. was about 1/8 of the cost that we were paying here.

3rd world country has better telecommunications.

tygertung, Jun 30, 6:35 am

We had that, turned out water had gotten into the line out at the street. Every time we had a lot of rain, it would get into the black box at the end of the property causing the crackling line.

brightlights60, Mar 17, 2:11 am

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