Camp Sites for caravanning

kam04, Mar 2, 2:44am
Not familiar with camp sites in Canterbury. Any suggestions for a place to take a caravan. Older couple.

golfaholic2, Mar 2, 3:15am
there is an ap which gives all the info you'd want . google for it

kam04, Mar 2, 3:51am
I was more looking for recommendations.

fineo, Mar 2, 5:04am
Woodend is nice now, new owners over the last couple of years or so have worked wonders.
Actually any of the beaches, north of Christchurch have quite reasonable grounds.
North Canterbury waiau camp is a nice setting.

rob312, Mar 2, 5:50am
Peel forest is gorgeous! And Gore Bay is a fine spot too.

judith98, Mar 2, 6:25am
Ashley Gorge.

opencast, Mar 2, 6:26am
Are you NZMCA members? If so, you can log in to their website and see all of the campsites.

Rankers also has a good list. You can also look at the DOC website as well. Are you self-contained or do you need a powered site?

We thought the campground in Waiau was good - really lovely & helpful people, spotless toilets etc. Cheviot too, but take the one off the main road. Temuka has a great campground with powered and unpowered sites - we just stayed there recently and it was great, had a lovely meal in the township (which is within walking distance).

robotix1970, Mar 2, 10:33am
I have heard of a really quiet holiday park out near oxford township from some friends of ours (I think its called Ashley gorge holiday park) but just google it

paul0100, Mar 2, 6:48pm
We like the Waitaki lakes area. Benmore and Aviemore. No power there, but toilets and fresh water.

brightlights60, Mar 2, 9:18pm
Hanmer Springs is good, look for daily deals or similar for the pools then book a weekend. There is a top 10 there (apply on line and get a Top Ten card for 10% discount for a year) or if you want it a bit quieter there is another old fashioned but very very clean and well run campground down the back (passed where you used to do the horse trek). Try Hurunui pub/winery, they have just built a brand new wee caravan/camp ground last year, and the winery "barn" at the back of the pub has amazing curley fries, outdoor pizza oven and music at night. Amberley Beach is nice, Peel Forest is lovely, Glentunnel is absolutely beautiful. A lot of these places are easier to get into outside of school holidays and if you like them, book ahead to next Summer. We have only been caravaning for about 4 years (camped and bached before that for 30 odd) and love it. We plan in January where we go the following January and looking forward to the last teen leaving school so we can start going outside of school holidays. Off to Cromwell next Summer.
If you can go with no power (we do with or without as have solar, gas etc) google the DOC campsites. Some are awesome. We have done Aviemore which was great, there are some cool sites, and they have toilets and somewhere to hang your solar shower packs.

kam04, Mar 3, 12:17am
Thanks for all the suggestions. I have googled many of the sites mentioned above and have liked what I have seen and to have personal experiences to go with that makes it better.

brightlights60, Mar 3, 12:29am
You are welcome. Camping is a personal experience. Some people love the busy camp grounds and some people like the DIY DOC sites. When we travel we make sure we visit a few more sites on the way and on the way home. We keep a notebook in the caravan of stuff we need for the next trip, and places we have seen. We keep an old laptop in the caravan so if we have power we can google too. Lots of fun. Best of luck to you.

kam04, Mar 3, 8:25pm
I see the Ashley Gorge Holiday Park is up for sale.

opencast, Mar 4, 9:37am
Not Canterbury - but close - is St Arnaud. There are two campgrounds there, as we are fully self contained and have solar we stayed at the unpowered sites at West Bay. $6 per night each and there is the most amazing toilet and kitchen block. Really modern. Only catch are the feral sandflies, but an amazing spot for camping. We stayed in Mapou - you have a choice.

melcraig, Mar 4, 9:47am
As is Waiau!

Both lovely places to camp!

robotix1970, Mar 5, 10:40am
where are they listed pleae

kam04, Mar 6, 5:49am
Businesses for sale - Ashley Gorge Holiday Park - #852561852

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