ronash, Jul 8, 11:48am

jellijar, Jul 8, 11:48am

lankylass, Jul 8, 11:48am
Felt in Halswell

samargh, Jul 8, 11:48am

jody3, Jul 8, 11:49am

coffeeone, Jul 8, 11:49am
Yep, two shoves in Waltham. arrrg

smf6661, Jul 8, 11:49am
Weird here in Bromley felt like a large vibration under the house.

mm12345, Jul 8, 11:49am
NZ Standard Time Tue, Jul 7 2015, 11:46:57 pm
Depth 14 km
Magnitude 3.7
Location 15 km south-east of Christchurch

pooks3, Jul 8, 11:50am
4.3? Went on for a while cashmere

jambee1, Jul 8, 11:50am
Heard it first, then a gentle shake
Kittys stood up looking then went under the blankets

bucca11, Jul 8, 11:51am
yup we in Bromley too and felt just like that and went for ages

nzmasta, Jul 8, 11:51am
Went for aaaages. Halswell

unclewainwright, Jul 8, 11:54am
Felt it in Burwood. Just a tiddler here though.

jellijar, Jul 8, 11:56am
over diamond harbour way.

kiwi_gem, Jul 8, 12:02pm
Date/Time 7 Jul 2015 11:46pm Magnitude

8 tonnes
15.00 km
In the water 450 meters west-south-west of Ripapa Island, Canterbury, New Zealand

bosch2006, Jul 8, 12:05pm
Did u all jump on here after the shake

mm12345, Jul 8, 12:08pm
Hard habit to break after almost 5 years. Mind you - for the first couple of years, a 3.8 might not have got a mention.

bosch2006, Feb 8, 2:21pm
No smoking and drugs are bad habits to break.

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