Durham St/Brougham intersection

wanderer52, May 29, 12:48am
FFS people, can't you see they changed the turning lanes at least a month ago? Did you not notice the big orange sign showing which lane you need to be in to turn? Did you notice the arrows painted on the road are different? There is now only one left turning lane. the one on the left side of the road. I'm gobsmacked that people are driving in such an unconscious way.

slimgym, May 29, 11:35am
Im gobsmacked the the markings on the road arnt clearer

mme, May 29, 12:15pm
They are not unconcious just checking their smart phones!

Yeah I hate driving anywhere in Chch these days. It's very stressful.

jonners2013, May 29, 7:19pm
road signage and markings in Christchurch is appalling. If you live here and are used to particular roads/intersections then you know how they work but if you're new or just visiting, it can be impossible.

The most basic thing is having the arrows painted on the road a sufficient distance back from the intersection so that people have time to get into the correct lane. Most intersections seem to have a single white arrow painted right up near the intersection meaning of there are more than about two cars waiting, no one else can see the markings.

There needs to be far more overhead signs giving directions.

Almost no traffic lights have turning arrows.

Nearby sets of traffic lights are not coordinated.

Traffic lights don't seem to be adjusted different flows of traffic for eg Victoria St. Lights that let two cars through before changing.

It's like the people running the road network don't use it and never get out and check things.

wanderer52, May 29, 8:17pm
You're onto it Jonners, but I think it's the people who live here and drive the same way every day who are the ones in the wrong lane. They don't even look. The road markings have been redone twice in the past few weeks. Nothing to do with markings, more to do with inattention to detail.

gman35, May 29, 10:34pm
This is how it is in ChCh :- MANY Drivers here do not turn naturally (left or right) into their near lane , and change over later if need to , they just drive straight across in front of you to whatever lane they intend to use.
Even though I agree that some lights (including turning arrows) do not stay green long enough , drivers are too slow at REACTING to a green when it changes. *Note I am not referring about how quick they accelerate , i am meaning how quick they start moving initially , meaning 4 cars get through when more could. You can see other examples of poor concentration when cars following another one swerve wildly around it at the last second even if the front vehicle's indicator has been on for some time.
It's the same at intersection's when turning driver's seem incapable of judging when a gap is big enough with oncoming cars. And at Roundabouts where smoother progress is made if you "look to go but stop if need to" rather than "assume have to stop , go if can".
Cars are just so easy to drive now and handle/stop so well that driver's seem to just fall asleep behind the wheel now and don't keep concentrating.

rover79, May 29, 11:53pm
Yes on a good day you'll get 4 cars across Victoria street at peak times, lights are green for 7 seconds.
The 4th car goes over the line at approx 30k when lights turn orange, which isnt safe to stop, you get just over half way across and lights are red. Then the 2 or 3 cars that are waiting in the middle of the road to turn right make their turn under a red light.

-weasel-, May 29, 11:55pm
Yes my Hubby is from up north and he can't believe the state of Christchurchs merging lanes. Sometimes, actually quite often, there is no signage or markings at all - just suddenly 2 lanes are 1

cassina1, May 29, 11:59pm
No its all accelerating power as I drive a 2L car and a big motorbike and taking off in busy traffic am more hesitant in my car. Problem is cars with a lot of power are expensive and thirsty so nothing will change. It could also be due to drivers using the time waiting at the lights txting etc too.

jcmp21, May 30, 7:46am
It's different? I've been driving through there for two years and haven't noticed it changed in all that time. I notice a lot of tooting behind me though each day, so some idiot must be doing something wrong.

si50, May 30, 8:55am
arrows have just been repainted.

treachug, May 30, 9:09am
I'm gobsmacked the Durham street part of that intersection hasn't been fixed and resealed like the Brougham street section has been.

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