EQC desperately fighting reality

drcjp, Apr 30, 6:56pm

Hypocrisy abounds. Simpson clearly annoyed at being shut out by IPENZ but still writes letter complaining about "adverse effects". So tell us Ian, why did all your estimators suddenly resign at the end of Nov 2014?

Schadenfreude. lovely word.

captaingraham, Apr 30, 8:01pm
What a slimy sleazy mob they are.

barneymiller, Apr 30, 9:02pm
Wonder what John key and the National party think about it?

mcwin, Apr 30, 9:55pm
Maybe they were just following the insurance industry lead. Like Dodgeball. duck , dive, dodge and dive.

david_270, May 1, 6:53am
EQC knew that Robinson was negligent and incompetent - that's why they hired him - to do their dirty work ripping off claimants.
Not much different to ACC's "flying doctors".
All prostitutes.

melonhead1, May 1, 6:55am
Stop welching and pay the F*** up EQC an private insurers.

bella95, May 1, 7:29am
Best EQC news l've seen for 4 years. Thanks.

bratpack06, May 1, 7:35am
Dirty slime bag bastards now they want they want to try and cover it up so the shoddy jobs he cheated people from fixing there houses properly

david_270, May 1, 7:51am
Its not really good news. It means the full force of government will be quietly getting exerted on IPENZ and its members to reverse the judgement on GR. There is too much money at stake.

drcjp, May 1, 9:37am
I know what you mean, but they'll have to be careful if they do interfere. Professional organisations like IPENZ don't take kindly to such manoeuvres as they value their highly important independence.

david_270, May 1, 10:04am
Remember that IPENZ is divided. More of their members are lining their pockets working for IC's and building cos than are working for homeowners. I think that many also tend to the JK end of the political spectrum. The previous CEO of IPENZ left after expressing his frustration.
http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/opinion/perspective/9033058/Powers-needed-to-keep-engineers-in-line http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/opinion/perspective/10075213/Engineers-must-be-held-accountable https://www.ipenz.org.nz/IPENZ/news_and_policy/newsitem.cfm?ID=644

lambrat, Dec 4, 1:15pm
heck yeah, those particular turkeys won't be voting for christmas any time soon.

the only thing that might stop them in their tracks is another court challenge by another set of hoodwinked & furious homeowners.

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