Campbell Live tonight -

robotix1970, May 2, 7:34am
all i can say is HA HA HA HA at one of their items

jonners2013, May 2, 8:49am
There some useless threads on TM message boards, but this take the cake.

kecal, May 2, 8:57am
post 1 yer that 4x2 would have hurt and the cat up the tree had the firemen stumped. dunno about the car but would of at least changed the tyre for the old girl.

jamie2016, May 2, 9:35am
Patience is a virtue in the building industry.

starskey, May 2, 6:26pm
John Campbell is much better than that idiot Paul Henry

calista, May 2, 8:45pm
Starskey, an intelligent chimp would be better than Paul Henry in my not so humble opinion

samanya, May 4, 6:48am
#9 & #10 . I'm sorry that you don't understand Paul Henry . he makes a lot of sense to a majority of people & you are missing so many fun & laughter & factual moments.
Campbell's ratings have been dropping . work it out?

david_270, Dec 2, 5:47pm
Oh dear.
Not much to understand about Paul Henry. TV3 want to give the masses bread & circuses. Its cheap.
And Campbells ratings have risen.

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