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batty211, Mar 4, 2:12am
See the press has reported on the camp ground but does anyone know about Rawhiti Golf Course ?

lorryl, Mar 4, 2:27am
Just the Golf Course or all of Rawhiti Domain.

batty211, Mar 4, 2:31am
The golf course, I think.

ebeater, Mar 4, 3:06am
Well I was half asleep still but I thought I heard them say on radio about closing the SB Camping ground which would save approx. 3million per annum. ?

martin11, Mar 4, 3:36am
Also in the Press this morning

golfaholic2, Mar 4, 4:19am
The word I have , and this is directly with the president of the club , is that there are no plans to close the course . The Professional is moving on in a few weeks , so that is an issue which needs to be addressed .
There was talk of the club running the shop , but this isn't terribly feasible .
I know the club isn't in a financial position to be able to buy the course , and I have a feeling the land is tied up as a reserve , with possibly maori ties , so it would never be sold anyway .
A meeting is being held tonight to sort a few issues , I shall know more tomorrow
Last week I ran into the CCC manager overseeing the course while I was at the local fish and chip shop . I gave him some stick about being a council worker , and more stick when his eftpos was declined (technical issue at there end) . it was all in good humour , well once he realised that I know who he was lol . we spoke briefly about the pro shop issue , but never broached the closing issue as I cant see it happening .

batty211, Mar 4, 4:25am
Good to hear. Thought it must be wrong that it was closing September.

golfaholic2, Mar 4, 4:29am
Subs are due in 3-4 weeks . so they best make their minds up quick .
Green Keeper isn't far from retiring . he's old enough and had heart issues last year . so they will have to replace him too

Maybe there is some truth to the rumour. will grill the President tomorrow after work . he wont be back from the meeting before I head to bed

optima, Mar 4, 7:00am
Council draft plan proposes that golf course closes September 2015. Could be some truth in it

adnil3, Mar 4, 7:39am
what is the council doing, no pool, no camping grounds, no golf hmmm nothing will be left in brighton area. shame on them. brighton the ghost suburb of chch.

william1980, Mar 4, 9:18am
The golf course is def on the chopping block according to the draft plan.

ljx, Mar 4, 9:22am
where is this information about the course closing . any idea what will happen to the area after it is closed? just turned back into park land?

optima, Mar 4, 4:41pm

golfaholic2, Mar 4, 5:28pm
I see that . will make some calls tonight and get the latest goss .

The course is undamaged and an asset . still council land so they will still need to tend to it .
Maybe its a bluff to force the club into taking a more active roll

slimgym, Mar 4, 7:11pm
they want to close the camping ground, but they will pay to put amenities in for the freedom campers. Its about time the freedom campers business got charged for all the mess their campers leave and the council should send them a bill for all the work that they have done,.

the freedom campers should be made to go to the camping grounds

The council didn't help the people living in their cars at the beach after the eq and most of them were paying rates even if indirectly.

The only people that make money out of freedom campers are supermarkets and bottlestores

jerry1018, Mar 4, 8:20pm
And we were assured LD would support her former electorate when she became mayor, it appears East CHC is being left high and dry.

fekim, Mar 4, 9:04pm
Local authorities should not be in the business of owning golf courses. It's CCC land and if it's going to keep my rates lower by hocking it off, then good. Same with the one in Hagley Park. Get rid of them. Those who whinge the most probably never use them anyway.

cassina1, Mar 4, 11:57pm
Its either they do these sell offs or increase rates further than planned sadly.

likit, Mar 5, 1:19am
I thought the Golf club along with a host of other sports clubs were forming the Rawhiti Sports Inc. & to be based at the golf club

gaspodetwd, Mar 5, 1:25am
I can't understand their decision to close the motor camp. There are currently lots of freedom campers around marine parade. Rubbish bins overflowing. When the toilets are locked up at night I hate to think what they do.

golfaholic2, Mar 5, 4:27am
Near the golf club . closer to the cricket grounds I think

golfaholic2, Mar 5, 5:05am
Just spent the last 27 mins on the phone to the Rawhiti president .
I'm not sure what was confidential and what wasn't ,so fingers crossed lol

There is a "proposal" on the table . but it is only that .
Arguments for and against will be heard , public submissions will be taken .
A partition is to be circulated .
The club is looking seriously at taking over the course and pro shop , which will be awesome , allowing all sorts of improvements with working bees etc .
Many members are seeing this as a positive thing .
There are a few issues I wont mention , but they are in the clubs favour

All signs are , the course will not be closing in the near future .

leofirehorse, Mar 5, 6:12am
Great to hear Golfahoic.Im Maria, Denis Cottons daughter.Do you know him?.I'm sure you might haha

golfaholic2, Mar 5, 6:37am
Lofty . wouldn't know him from a bar of soap lol

His name came up when we discussed ideas for improving the course . Lofty raised an idea with me several years ago , jumping from #5 over to #10 , back #11 , then back to #6 ,7 , 8 and 9 before hopping over to #12 . thereby breaking up the monotonous back 9 .

foal30, Jan 5, 4:47pm
Be an utter disgrace if the Council shuts down the South Brighton Motor Camp.

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