O/T Boxing In Brighton

gypsy271, Jun 3, 6:46am
Hi All. a couple of weeks ago I walked past the Roy Stokes Hall in Brighton and saw people doing like a boxing class and was wondering does anyone know who runs it. I really want to do some type of class whether it be zumba or boxing but it has to be at night. Any info would be great!

bosch2006, Jun 3, 9:59am
Y dont u walk past again on the same day and time and go in

gypsy271, Jun 3, 1:21pm
Im usually at work then so haven't been able to go back unfortunately and they weren't actually in the hall so probably no point ringing the hall. Just thought I'd ask on here in case someone knew.

vintage_betty, Jun 3, 7:28pm
Are you on Facebook? There is a page on there called Peoples Independent Republic of New Brighton. There is lots of people who post in it and they are great at answering questions like that. If you are not on FB let me know and I will ask for you :-)

kathy9, Jun 4, 1:23am
Hi Gypsy. The class you went past would be possibly the ones run by FitnessX. They are great classes and the lady that runs then is awesome.Her name is Georgie. There is a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/fitnessxchristchurch?fref=ts
You can pay as you go or can get a monthly pass or a concession card.
I have been going to her Zumba classes for over 4 years and she is really supportive and fun classes.
There is Boxfit(the class you prob saw), zumba, ABT(ab,butts,thigh) and also bootcamps.
Hope this helps you :)

gypsy271, Jun 4, 3:09am
Yes I am thank you so many. have just joined the group.

gypsy271, Jul 10, 4:17pm
Thank you. Looks awesome.

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