Springfield/darfield snow question

stefanie1, Jul 12, 9:16pm
Is there any snow out there for the tabogan and kids thinking only a small visifrom chch rather than big day out thank you

bucca11, Jul 12, 9:19pm
Keen to know too as we want to do the same. Have a friend who lives in Darfield, might message her and see if they still have some

stefanie1, Jul 12, 9:21pm
would you mind letting me know if you get hold of friend

bucca11, Jul 12, 9:24pm
She just replied, no snow in Darfield :(

tool_shop173, Jul 12, 11:54pm
We went to porters pass yesterday and the kids had a ball sliding down the hillside which is at the Bottom end of Porters Pass. Plenty of people there and still quite a bit of snow. So, yep you need to travel for about an hour, the lake was awesome as it was frozen over too.

helen149, Jul 12, 11:58pm
Phone Gnomes in Darfield, they may be able to help you

bucca11, Jul 13, 10:51am
Yup this is where we ended up today. The frozen lake was just beautiful, so lovely seeing so many people enjoying the beautiful day :)

brightlights60, Jul 19, 9:21am
That must be Lake Linden? Takes me back, we used to go "to the snow" at Porters Pass when we were kids and there was actually snow there, consistently each Winter. We would also go to Lake Ida and skate. Fabulous memories. The Thermos, the sandwiches, warm clothes, sleeping on the way home, fish and chips when we got back.

samanya, Dec 9, 2:06pm
I was thinking aboutLlake Ida recently . don't hear much about if & skating trips now.

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