Spirited Tours with Richard Greenaway - this week


Missed todays as didn't know it was on. Usually get a reminder

jessie981, Oct 11, 4:18 pm

Who would usually remind you of these tours? They have been well advertised and all their details are in the Becca Heritage Week Christchurch booklet which has also been widely advertised and distributed.

goldclan, Oct 12, 2:59 pm

Thank you for your positive comment.I do usually receive a Newsletter re Tours.

jessie981, Oct 12, 4:56 pm

Thanks for your reply. Richard's "Spirited Tours" are nothing to do with the Friends of Linwood Cemetery, they are completely independent and run, organised, and advertised by him. His "Spirited Tour" of Linwood Cemetery was however listed on here by me when advertising the other tours being held during Heritage Week at Linwood Cemetery hosted by The Friends of Linwood Cemetery Charitable Trust. Hope this clears up the confusion for you.

goldclan, Oct 13, 1:59 pm

I get email from Alexander re Linwood Tours so no confusion. Maybe i will meet you at a Tour sometime

jessie981, Jan 17, 3:14 am

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