House construction using Triboard

welshdude, Apr 5, 8:08am
Does anyone know if this building method is fine? Advantages? Disadvantages? Long term scenario?

trade4us2, Apr 5, 9:00am
It should be very strong - probably the strongest form of construction. Running cables and pipes in it would not be easy.
There would be joins every so often. I'd be happy using it.

mggd, Apr 5, 9:21am
Have a house built out of it, real solid and warm, noise transfer is the only thing you need to be aware of, do two walls with sound proof bats between lounge and bedrooms etc. Tiny amount of work for a plasterer and then paint. we went from floor platform to lockup structure in 6 days, as everything pre cut in factory. You can walk around the roof as it is 16mm triboard, walls are 40mm.

bookmart, Apr 6, 12:19am
Whats it like costwise?

welshdude, Apr 6, 1:30am
It seems to be less expensive because the house goes up so quickly - less time with money in land and foundations not returning an income, or less time renting while house is built.

smoff79, Dec 19, 1:12am
we have metrapanel, triboard has everthing done eg wndows cable routing plumbing channels cut all pre done metrapanel did not. I strongly recommend all internal walls have sounds batts between them. also check if the need pre prime before painting or wallpaper. the panel system do have an amazing paint finish though.

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