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family007, Jan 4, 2:50am
Hooray! Someone that feels the same way as I do. About time action had started. If it was to be saved, it should have started LONG AGO. Meantime while the bigwigs and doo gooders fight over this. The cathedral becomes in a worse state of disrepair and it will cost even more. I saw it yesterday and its nothing more than a moss covered pile of stones. Disgusting.
There was no reason for this to go to court. It was a waste of money hearing that repair or a rebuild is feasible. Say what?
Bloody get on with it. Demo?, then demo it for pitys sake. Rebuild? Then do it. Meantime in the middle of the square in the centre of Christchurch is an embarrassment.

nzoomed, Dec 24, 4:56am

tobie2, Dec 24, 5:11am
If the Bishop hadn't stuck her bl--dy oar in, it would have happened sooner !

pressomaz, Dec 24, 5:11am
5 years this has been sitting here with the pc bunch of d*ickheads trying to stop anything moving forward.
There has been no decision made and they are only going to look at the feasibility of it.
Us rate and tax payers are going to have to stump up to fund any short fall for something that should have been sorted out years ago.

nzoomed, Dec 24, 5:18am
Probably would have almost been finished if things were not held up.

Thumbs up to all who put up a good fight.

The urban explorers who snuck inside also probably helped with their footage conforming how stable the building actually was.

nzoomed, Dec 24, 5:20am
Stupid thing is that the cost of restoration was shown to be cheaper than building their new "contemporary" cathedral.

pressomaz, Dec 24, 5:34am
Either way its still being held up , its things like this that are holding up the rebuild of the city.
Move on and make the decision and get on with it that's what 99% of people are thinking.

kecal, Dec 24, 5:37am
$100,000,000 up go your rates,

actiontraders, Dec 24, 5:49am
There isn't any cost to ratepayers at all. It will be paid for by insurance and donations.

loose.unit8, Dec 24, 5:57am
Oh yes and were does it say we rate and tax payers will fund anything?

loose.unit8, Dec 24, 5:58am
The insurance payout, which must be spent on that site, is over half that and the rest will be funded by donations. That's *if* it even costs that much. That figure is one of the Church's hugely inflated ones

david_270, Dec 24, 6:04am
Really? Don't know how you work that out.

russell.s.c, Dec 24, 6:09am
Taxpayer donations also and I suspect the cost is being heavily understated.

andrewcg53, Dec 24, 6:35am
It will end up being a rebuild, you leave a building with no maintenance and open to the weather for 5 years and expect to just fix it, you are dreaming

andrewcg53, Dec 24, 6:37am
I bet you, the council will hand over money

loose.unit8, Dec 24, 6:48am
Considering the $10s of millions of dollars they've already given the church for the cathedral over the years, I don't think the CCC/ratepayers should ever give the church any money ever again.

cassina1, Dec 24, 6:59am
It may take another big shake before the debate will end.

kecal, Dec 24, 7:03am
ha you wait youll be paying via ya rates

xmakara, Dec 24, 7:09am
Don't get too excited. The final decision isn't made until April 2016. And if the Cathedral is rebuilt it won't be completed until about 2022.

andrewcg53, Dec 24, 7:57am
CCC will just watch

echoriath, Dec 24, 8:10am
Yes, I think this is what they have been waiting/hoping for.

jcmp21, Dec 24, 8:47am
Seems odd they believe god will look after them if they worship him, yet they insure their buildings and almost every church in chch was written off

jcmp21, Dec 24, 8:48am
Anderton backed dalziel so he'll be wanting the favour returned. Dalziel wont be shy to spend ratepayers money.

sw20, Dec 24, 8:52am
People were crying about $26m on a flag change that could have been spent else where.

Let's be realistic here about the rebuild figure, $105 million will blow out to over twice that. Whenever a government quotes a figure of how much something will cost, you double the price, then add a bit more on. This will be a truck load of public money for something that we have quite happily one without for the last five years.

jcmp21, Dec 24, 8:57am
$105 million, less than two weeks of DPB payouts, bugger all in the grand scheme of things.

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