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sniper03, Apr 19, 6:56am
Was out that way on Weds (am on holiday here) and came across the road which is very flooded anyways question is, is the flooding due to earthquake damage? It sure made a interesting drive lol :)

corkranb, Apr 19, 7:17am
Yes you are probably referring to new Brighton Road with the stop banks. The water at high tides comes through the ground under the retaining walls and floods the street. The area has sunk a metre relative to the river height since the earthquakes.

brightlights60, Apr 19, 10:38am
Thanks corkranb, I live here and didn't know that. Had to take daughter to South Brighton to pick up something and drove down New Brighton Road. The vacant red zone is frankly shocking, shocking in that nature takes over so quickly, the state of the roads is terrible. I wonder whether NB road will just be left, or whether it will be repaired.

corkranb, Apr 19, 5:00pm
I heard New Brighton Road from the Bower Pub to New Brighton will be decommissioned soon and to get to New Brighton from Burwood will be via Travis and Keyes Road.

sniper03, Apr 19, 7:55pm
Wow,thank you Corkranb,very interesting.Its certainly an eye opener being in Chch,its one thing to see it on the TV/newspapers etc but to actually be here and see the sites it just blows me away,great to see a positive change happening in the cbd too.

ljx, Apr 19, 10:59pm
Where did you hear that corkranb? I think they should close that part of New Brighton Road . its pretty bad, Always floods and the road is full of pot holes. It wouldn't be too much hassle to just go around the longer way. Wonder what would become of the diary down there . will be interesting to see what happens in the next few years.

suka, Apr 20, 3:55am
Yip that is the plan for NB road and they don't want to rebuild the bridge. Not worth spending money in the east.

rua69, Apr 20, 8:01am
Oh bugger I so get off on driving down there in my SUV at high tide and driving through the flooded parts as fast as I can to soak pedestrians and oncoming cars and cover them all with muck. Even better if their window's down LOLZZZ! 11!


ryanm2, Apr 20, 8:09am
To be fair, a lot of money has already been spent on the East maintaining what has been damaged, if a bridge is going to be retained for the short cut of a few its not worth it, is it?

poppysinger2, Apr 20, 10:28pm
Well actually a lot of people still live 'in the east" and we also pay our rates and why should we not be able to drive to and from our homes ? Chch is already a city of 2 halves , I work in Lincoln and I live in the east so I'm seeing the difference between the roads every day between the 2 .

jonners2013, Apr 21, 7:23am
Well Lincoln isn't in Christchurch.

rasin11, Apr 21, 7:29am
What bridge is not being rebuilt?

likit, Apr 21, 10:44am
Then why did they rebuild the Ferrymead Bridge, Sumner residents could travel a few kilometres more & we could have saved millions.

mme, Apr 21, 12:58pm
+ 1

Yes what bridge? I know of no bridge not being retained in the East.

fineo, Apr 21, 6:03pm

lambrat, Apr 21, 8:07pm
i read that the other day and was astounded such a small new bridge would cost 14million$ . why not a pontoon style bridge, i've seen them in general use overseas, lol

captaingraham, Apr 21, 8:15pm
At $14 mil it will be the most expensive lump of concrete in the world.

poppysinger2, Apr 21, 10:08pm
Yes I think a pontoon bridge too ! Why does it have to be so expensive and maybe it could be moved to a slightly different place ? The bridge through to South Brighton has only just been finished and it cost way over budget , just like the Ferrymead bridge did . I drive the South Brighton bridge most days and for months and monthe there was at most 1 person working and 3 people standing smoking and wtching the worker . How much extra did that cost ? And yeah to above Lincoln is not Chch but I drive through Chch to get to Lincoln !

nz_nicola, Apr 22, 12:28am
Sumner residents, seriously what about Redcliffs, mt pleasant st Andrews etc we have ONE bridge for thousands of people!

suka, Apr 22, 1:01am
And so a lot of money should be spend in the East that is where most of the damage was and still is. How many people do you think still live here and use NB bridge, one! Get real.

likit, Apr 22, 7:54am
New Brighton, South Brighton, North Beach, would account for a few thousand I would say.

nz_nicola, Apr 22, 9:42am
Yeah and just how many other ways out of Brighton are there? Don't forget all the rest of the populated hill areas out Sumner way, you are the one having a go saying the Ferrymead bridge isn't needed, which was way off topic, I'm telling you your wrong about the amount of people who use the Ferrymead bridge, I doubt that the south Brighton people use the same bridge as the North beach people would doesn't make sense, where we are we all Have to use the Ferrymead bridge or drive Ks out of our way

likit, Apr 22, 10:32am
You don't have to drive that much further. After the quakes one of my jobs was carting water up to the Mt Pleasant reservoir, we had to go up the Ferrymead Valley up one side of the historic village & back down the other, didn't seem too much of a detour to me, mind you I only did it at night so no traffic.

lambrat, Apr 22, 10:49am
wasn't the ferrymead bridge also very important because it has /had major sewage, water & other service pipes below it?

nz_nicola, Apr 22, 9:34pm
And don't you have 4 bridges in relatively close proximity! You have no idea obviously of the volume of traffic heading into town from Ferrymead all the area right back to Taylor's Mistake, use this rd, that's why it's been widened to two lanes and then the same traffic comes back and More on the weekends! the Bridle Path rd couldn't cope, nor would it's residents! Also this will be an important asset to the port when they reopen the Sumner rd to Lyttelton for its trucks.

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