Winter starts tomorrow .

golfaholic2, May 31, 8:39pm
Winter tomorrow and how are the air sheds under ECan control looking ?

Of the 7 monitored air sheds , 6 are already either on or over the limit for air quality set by central Govt .
Only Ashburton is showing any sign of making it under the limit for pending Govt restrictions . 3 months of winter to contend with yet .

So what will industry do when MfE restriction prevent them setting up shop in Canterbury ?.
That's right folks . we are facing restrictions which will inhibit development . all thanks to ECans poor management .

What are they doing about our air quality ?

A raft of rules changes have been implemented . ones which will make a lot of people unhappy .
Will these changes work ? . not likely .

pip4, Jun 1, 6:51am
I burnt my cabbage tree leaves today. and I had a lot so the air quality this side of town will be a bit dodgy tonight . sorry, but it was good clean burning.

golfaholic2, Jun 1, 9:28am
Someone burnt a house down on Pages rd also lol

pip4, Jul 23, 4:33pm
Wasnt me, I promise. I just did the leaves.

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