Has the police station demolition been delayed?

I thought it was meant to be this morning, unless the weather turned out bad, in which case it would be the same day as the marathon. Nothing online to say that it's changed, or happened?

sumstyle, May 31, 7:56 pm

It is 5pm Sunday so as not to clash with the race.

astrophe, May 31, 8:49 pm

they were trying to keep it a secret, not to have loads of people turning up, but they do have a huge area corden off so can't get near it. but 5pm tommorrow

kids4ever, May 31, 9:17 pm

Will be streamed live

rollydog1, May 31, 9:19 pm

so what channel is it live on TV

kids4ever, May 31, 9:22 pm

u can see it live on Utube there is a countdown

honest-reliable, May 31, 9:32 pm

Press website also carrying live feed.

william1980, May 31, 10:06 pm

Awesome thanks. I had assumed it would be early in the morning g like the last one.

sumstyle, May 31, 10:41 pm

Looked like it was all down except the pillars this morning.

rover79, May 31, 11:07 pm

According to Fridays Press the implosion has been delayed due to machinery breakdowns.


shannie1998, Jun 1, 9:22 am

thanks saved

harrislucinda, Jun 1, 10:37 am

Wait. So is this happening today or not?

xmakara, Jun 1, 10:55 am

voidhawkltd, Jun 1, 11:48 am

They don't want us to go down there, but surely it will be super exciting to at least hear it from nearby. last time the sound travelled cos of low cloud cover, but there isn't any today.

Think I'll toddle off in the general direction with my dog.

sumstyle, Jun 1, 4:26 pm

Saw it on youtube. What a shit job they did of that!

family007, Jun 1, 5:03 pm

did that go wrong, the building hasnt really even broken up, it fell forwards, thought it was meant to pancake

robyn35, Jun 1, 5:04 pm

Can't believe they cut to that different camera angle when first charges went off on the live stream.

dannyboy24, Jun 1, 5:04 pm

ooohhh just saw the ChCh police station being imploded. fell to the left. was that meant to happen?

kiwimade64, Jun 1, 5:04 pm

Yup. Big fail.

tillsbury, Jun 1, 5:04 pm

Something not quite right. piss poor

gordonh69, Jun 1, 5:05 pm

I don't think it went like planned. I've never seen an imploded building intact on it's side quite like that before now! Usually they are simply left as rubble.

league_fan, Jun 1, 5:05 pm

Watching it live on Stuff - I did think it would topple over in a more spectacular way

marymc, Jun 1, 5:05 pm

We are 12 km away and heard the charges go off in real life. There was a long delay of about three minutes before we go to see it. I thought it was meant to be in real time?

gaspodetwd, Jun 1, 5:06 pm

They should of put all the bros back in their before they did it lol got rid of the feral scum that's around

nicsta4, Jun 1, 5:08 pm

a lot of mess to clean up now for them

honest-reliable, Jun 1, 5:09 pm

that comments gunna go down well.

dannyboy24, Jun 1, 5:09 pm

Haha - I didn't realize there was a time delay for the video. So when started hearing these loud noises outside I was cursing whoever it was making so much noise right when the implosion was about to start!

So not just me wondering too if something went wrong there? I never read anything about this one beforehand so not sure what was supposed to happen, anyone know if this was the same people who imploded the other building as well?

dreamingofbali, Jun 1, 5:12 pm

From someone who knows. it went exactly as planned. It was always meant to fall towards that spot (which is why those court buildings are no longer there and why the Council had to move all cars 'n gear from that carpark area. ).

It makes a nice easier pile for the machines to remove the rubble.

The "podium" base part of the building was not being blown up - only the tower.

thebuzzyone, Jun 1, 5:13 pm

If it was the same crowd responsible for this implosion as the other one-I think the other one was more of a success.I think they needed more explosives.

doggybear, Jun 1, 5:16 pm

I was there in person and there was a definite delay between the sound of the explosions (first ones were really loud) and the falling of the building. Lots of people down there too

sumstyle, Jun 1, 5:20 pm

But you are only saying that because you (obviously by your statement) don't know what "success" looks like.

In terms of how much explosives were needed, they did a test blast Thurs lunchtime to double check. They blew up a single column to make sure that the column would be destroyed as planned. The building was built by the MOW and was a high priority building and therefore was well over-engineered in terms of the steelwork in the columns).

thebuzzyone, Jun 1, 5:20 pm

fancy saying that about the police!

overtt, Jun 1, 5:23 pm

So where were you exactly? Did you have a good clear view? Man, there was no warning or count down on the live youtube feed, so I nearly fell out of my chair with those first explosions, was very dramatic!

dreamingofbali, Jun 1, 5:27 pm

pity a few armchair engineers werent in the close vicinity when it went.-of course TMMB is the bastion of knowalls!
am i correct in assuming they felled it into the old KEB site(aka carpark)

terk, Jun 1, 5:39 pm

Really? Before the implosion the building was standing. After implosion the building isn't standing. Seems to me like it was reasonably successful.

jonners2013, Jun 1, 5:51 pm

It looked and felt great from the Cambridge Terrace bridge. (By the old Tiffanys) :-)

david_270, Jun 1, 5:52 pm

have to agree with this
built for extra strength without an accountant in sight.

nightsky1, Jun 1, 6:02 pm

Yes they did - it looked to be exactly in the drop zone that was shown on the cordon map.

daisyhill, Jun 1, 6:05 pm

Antigua Boatsheds - there was a gap between the buildings that gave me a good view without getting involved with the crowds.

sumstyle, Jun 1, 6:14 pm

I was on youtube and the sired went off then was countdown & down she came

kids4ever, Jun 1, 6:16 pm

We watched it on the computer. It sort of looked like it didn't go quite how it could have. Sort of fell down to one side from the middle. Still good to watch though

blb71, Jun 1, 6:20 pm

Put it right where they wanted to.
Nice and easy for diggers to get stuck into it.
In a few weeks it will be in the harbour.

fineo, Jun 1, 6:22 pm

When I first saw it from where I was standing I thought it hadn't gone as planned. After watching it on youtube, I can see it went exactly as it was planned.

jcmp21, Jun 1, 6:33 pm

It was not "a fail". It went exactly how it was planned.(Including going towards one side)

roshu, Jun 1, 6:54 pm

What a botch up.it didn't implode it fell over

bosch2006, Jun 2, 12:01 am

It was never meant to be an implosion, that's just a word the media gets hold of and runs with it because it gets clicks.

It went exactly as planned, which was to reduce the height of the building to where it can be attacked with just excavators, and for the stuff above the 4th floor to go into the adjacent empty plot.

If you have the capacity to think logically, look at where the explosives are in all of the videos. They are ALL on the side towards which it fell. Confirmation it all went as planned.

lugee, Jun 2, 12:31 am

bit of a bugger the computer feed froze,never heard my daughter use so many colourful phrases ,but we got there in the end.
KEB-now that brings back some memories.ah well its all over bar the clean up.Might pay NT to get the MOW to build their flash new hi rise as a few of these so called chch engineers were found wanting in recent times.

terk, Jun 2, 7:05 am

don't feel bad, lol . or take for granted every headline/ news item you read . i've lost count of the number of 'stoopid' words used, and wrongly accepted, that have ended up becoming part of the public narrative (and The Press is up there among the worst offenders) . and considering up around 30% of our 'news' is generated from police sources it could turn out that one of their own media releases used 'implosion' first.

lambrat, Jun 2, 8:03 am

yes siren went off then count down ha ha fell off the chair or pissed

harrislucinda, Jul 29, 4:11 am

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