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sumstyle, May 31, 7:56am
I thought it was meant to be this morning, unless the weather turned out bad, in which case it would be the same day as the marathon. Nothing online to say that it's changed, or happened?

astrophe, May 31, 8:49am
It is 5pm Sunday so as not to clash with the race.

kids4ever, May 31, 9:17am
they were trying to keep it a secret, not to have loads of people turning up, but they do have a huge area corden off so can't get near it. but 5pm tommorrow

rollydog1, May 31, 9:19am
Will be streamed live

kids4ever, May 31, 9:22am
so what channel is it live on TV

honest-reliable, May 31, 9:32am
u can see it live on Utube there is a countdown

william1980, May 31, 10:06am
Press website also carrying live feed.

sumstyle, May 31, 10:41am
Awesome thanks. I had assumed it would be early in the morning g like the last one.

rover79, May 31, 11:07am
Looked like it was all down except the pillars this morning.

shannie1998, May 31, 9:22pm
According to Fridays Press the implosion has been delayed due to machinery breakdowns.


harrislucinda, May 31, 10:37pm
thanks saved

xmakara, May 31, 10:55pm
Wait. So is this happening today or not?

voidhawkltd, May 31, 11:48pm

sumstyle, Jun 1, 4:26am
They don't want us to go down there, but surely it will be super exciting to at least hear it from nearby. last time the sound travelled cos of low cloud cover, but there isn't any today.

Think I'll toddle off in the general direction with my dog.

family007, Jun 1, 5:03am
Saw it on youtube. What a shit job they did of that!

robyn35, Jun 1, 5:04am
did that go wrong, the building hasnt really even broken up, it fell forwards, thought it was meant to pancake

dannyboy24, Jun 1, 5:04am
Can't believe they cut to that different camera angle when first charges went off on the live stream.

kiwimade64, Jun 1, 5:04am
ooohhh just saw the ChCh police station being imploded. fell to the left. was that meant to happen?

tillsbury, Jun 1, 5:04am
Yup. Big fail.

gordonh69, Jun 1, 5:05am
Something not quite right. piss poor

league_fan, Jun 1, 5:05am
I don't think it went like planned. I've never seen an imploded building intact on it's side quite like that before now! Usually they are simply left as rubble.

marymc, Jun 1, 5:05am
Watching it live on Stuff - I did think it would topple over in a more spectacular way

gaspodetwd, Jun 1, 5:06am
We are 12 km away and heard the charges go off in real life. There was a long delay of about three minutes before we go to see it. I thought it was meant to be in real time?

nicsta4, Jun 1, 5:08am
They should of put all the bros back in their before they did it lol got rid of the feral scum that's around

honest-reliable, Jun 1, 5:09am
a lot of mess to clean up now for them

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