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jou500, Jul 28, 10:03 am
What do you think of the new Beachgrove subdivision? Every house looks the same!

lambrat, Jul 28, 10:16 am
a haven for conformists?

captaingraham, Jul 28, 8:29 pm
The slum of the future

zoopa, Jul 28, 9:49 pm
Most of them do don't they? Or variations of a few basic designs, usually built en mass by the same company.

Bring the yurt into fashion I say

grad111, Jul 29, 6:54 am
its all built on very muddy ground. if you buy ,buy a row boat too row home next time.

samanya, Jul 29, 7:19 am
Where the hell is 'Beachgrove'?

mousiemousie, Jul 29, 7:25 am
Haven't been down Beach road for a long time and got the shock of my life seeing the subdivision. Butt bloody ugly if you ask me.

dannyboy24, Jul 29, 8:52 am
They're awful. Soooo crammed in together

chatsmom, Jul 29, 9:03 am
Drove passed in the weekend - looked awful.

aphra1, Jul 29, 9:19 am
What the hell are you all complaining about? Is it built on a previously scenic wonderland? It's a subdivision and they're always pretty tragic. I thought Christchurch needed new, low cost housing and I presume that's what it is. I haven't seen it nor do I care because I won't be buying there and apparently none of you will be either.

dannyboy24, Jul 29, 6:49 pm
Settle down aphra .Maybe take a looksie to back up your rant first

indigojo, Jul 29, 7:28 pm
Beach rd, kaiapoi, you would think there would be economics of scale in making homes basically the same, but these are not low cost to the purchaser, and built on a flood prone area too.

kids4ever, Jul 31, 4:51 am
a lot a bought then rented out, used as investment property.will be good to see how they look in ten years?

gregjo, Aug 5, 5:16 am
Oh :( I thought it looked quite nice. Looking to move out of Brighton as I still get "Anxiety" at every sudden noise and thought that moving there might help to alleviate some of that. Is it flood prone ?

astrophe, Aug 5, 6:25 am
According to Google, it's basically exactly where a mate's house was that was completely destroyed. I wouldn't build there if it was free.

kids4ever, Aug 5, 6:26 am
Kaiapoi, Beach rd, headingtowards Pines Beach, they are so close together

survivalkiwi, Aug 5, 7:41 am
So what we can understand from this thread is that
A .Beachgrove is very over priced.
Or B Everyone can afford to buy a 10 acre block and build and architectural house.
Why do people rubbish cheap housing or communities when at the same time people are moaning about the high cost of housing in NZ

kids4ever, Aug 5, 8:10 am
I really think it is up to the individual to what they want.I think the prices are reasonable, I personally wouldn't live there as the houses are too close together, but to me the subdivision is OK, i don't completely rubbish them but good for working people, not too much ground, and if it's what one wants, well why not, some nice places, be good for an investment and rent out

ryanm2, Aug 5, 8:36 am
Hasn't beachgrove been built around a communal field as they do in other countries. I did a bit of work out there and thought it was ok. There are identical apartment blocks in Northwood, they are not slums.

gregjo, Aug 5, 11:14 pm
It looks perfect for us now that the kids have left home. Low Maintenance, modern, not too much garden and close to amenities, beach and countryside. It's relatively affordable and ticks all my boxes. Out of all the subdivisions we've looked at, from Hallswell, Wigram Skies to Silverstream this is my favourite by far.

cassina1, Aug 6, 1:43 am
Maybe the problem is cheap housing being overpriced.

astrophe, Aug 7, 5:56 am
Diff'rent people.

sharonann1, Aug 9, 1:44 am
We live over the road, so our property backs onto Beach Road. There is NO way that I would live over there. I call it modern day version of Coronation Street. People who want to sell property there would tell you it wont flood to what comment I say whatever!

sharonann1, Aug 9, 1:45 am
I would stay away from Silverstream, people who buy there don't seem to stay long I wonder why.

sharonann1, Aug 9, 1:47 am
Beach Grove land was a cow paddock before the built the sub division!

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