Wee quake this morning?

anyone else feel the small quake this morning around 5am? There's nothing on Canterbury live or geonet - no quakes reported anywhere for hours in NZ, but it def felt like one here - Hornby.

Ya ow, usual small rumble, Windows rattling. Wouldn't beamy bigger than a size 3 (or under, depending how close it was. Lasted about 10 seconds? Def wasn't a truck going past.

lizziep823, Oct 9, 6:04 am

I felt it, it was between 0510 and 0515.

Was just a baby one, nothing to be worried about.

tygertung, Oct 9, 6:15 am

Yes I did ! Beckenham

feever, Oct 9, 6:25 am

Yes, felt it in Spreydon too. or more heard it rather than felt it

missbella2, Oct 9, 6:41 am

I felt it in Burnside. I was just waiting to see if it was going to get any bigger lol

hayster94, Oct 9, 6:54 am

It sure felt like it was going to get bigger, woke me up

uwc, Oct 9, 7:15 am

Yes, felt in Huntsbury.

david_270, Oct 9, 7:39 am

Yep good rattle Huntsbury. 5.16 am. How can it not be on Geonet?

si50, Oct 9, 8:09 am

I didn't feel it, but hubby & son did in Aidanfield

cybernan2, Oct 9, 8:40 am

Felt it in Halswell. Something woke me up at 5am and then shortly afterwards the roof gave a huge creak.

lankylass, Oct 9, 9:43 am

Felt in Hillsborough - long rumble then sharp jolt - about 5.15am. No mention on ChCh Quake Map either. We have felt quite a few here that don't get official notice.

cherrylane2, Oct 9, 10:19 am

Funny, that. Hubby mentioned it but nothing was on Geonet, so I told him it must have been a truck.

roshu, Oct 9, 10:57 am

It's up on Geonet now:
M2.8 in Hornby at 5:17AM

2011-2012 we were getting a quake that size - or larger - about once an hour on average, and a M4+ about as frequently on average as we're getting M2+ now. Oh those were the days - not.

mm12345, Oct 9, 11:12 am

wayne416, Oct 9, 11:38 am

Sure did

jessie981, Oct 9, 6:14 pm

Glad they put it up - I knew it had happened, not totally crazy (yet). Also knew it was small

lizziep823, Oct 9, 7:25 pm

Not felt, still asleep that hour.

jessebird, Oct 9, 9:09 pm

Yes I heard and felt it. Somerfield

retroqueen1, Oct 9, 9:20 pm

My pictures were on the floor yesterday and I thought we may have had a shake but didn't feel it. Obviously the walls did.

jett.industries, Feb 2, 2:34 am

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