Retired NZ cops needed for Queensland

Temporary assignment @ $100/hour plus perks.
They just had an EQ.
This is Amy McDonald's garage floor:

Looks pre-existing to me, but perhaps kiwi cops can offer expertise on matters like that.

mm12345, Jul 31, 6:32 am

pmsl oh you are awful mm but I like your style

cloffie, Jul 31, 9:56 am

and dont forget the jobs for family members You can just see all the EQC people booking flights now

slimgym, Jul 31, 6:52 pm

They just had another one, M5.6, in about the same spot as the one a few days ago.

mm12345, Aug 2, 4:53 am

Holy crap - and another.

mm12345, Aug 2, 8:59 am

send Roger Sutton

rollydog1, Aug 7, 11:31 am

Given that Queensland cops never had a squeaky clean reputation I was gobsmacked that EQC ever used them. The arrogant one who came to my place was the only person I dealt with face to face who was less than helpful.

I was very lucky.

calista, Aug 8, 7:07 am

The one we had - "on leave" rather than retired was a waste of time. I gather that they were here to support the assessor in potential battles with homeowners. Certainly she was a straight-faced liar, the assessor missed some significant damage, I called her to let them know, they said they'd come back the next day to re-assess what they'd missed. I got a call back later the next day saying that they'd been back, and had included the missed work in the scope. We were living elsewhere - but I'd been there all day cleaning up - and they certainly had not come. I'd bet that they'd have filed a timesheet for the imaginary second visit. The SOW that they eventually came up with was an incredible work of fiction. Fraud, lies, deceit - and that's even long before Fletcher EQR set foot in the place and it got worse.
So if EQC is changed as recommended, then at least that shouldn't happen again when the next quake hits a NZ city. EQC will pass the claims over to private insurers to assess. Cap will increase to $200k & GST. Contents will be excluded from EQC cover. Whether this would be any "better" than what happened here under the command of GB, we'll just have to wait and see, but it's hard to imagine that it could be any worse.

mm12345, Sep 15, 4:43 pm

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