Pre purchase house inspection/Report

sandrar, May 12, 10:52am
Can anyone please recommend a good company in CHCH to do a full pre purchase house inspection? Much appreciated

1966, May 12, 9:11pm
AA house inspections

lankylass, May 13, 2:01am
They are the one firm I would not recommend.

I've used Gary Webber of Property Check on 5 occasions and his reports were extremely thorough, so much so that I pulled out on two of the purchases. It was his reports that stopped me from making a couple of serious mistakes. He won't actually recommend you don't buy a property but he makes it very clear what is wrong with it.
Their office used to be in Brighton, but I'm not sure now (since the earthquake) where it is now.

supersapper, May 13, 3:20am
Whats Up House Inspections have been great when i have used them. AA not so good.

garryb, May 13, 4:43am
Highly recommend. Very detailed reports and good prices.

lhsheps, May 13, 7:28am
Another vote for peace of mind :)

david_270, May 13, 9:57am

masarius, May 13, 10:48am
We have used Habit and been really happy

cloffie, May 13, 12:10pm
I second IBIS have used them

iwikiwi, May 13, 8:11pm
You can get a pre-purchase house inspection but don't forget that the owner has a minimum price that they will sell at; and no house inspection is going to change that! :)))
I've never paid for a house inspection whenever I have purchased my homes, and I have never lost money on them when selling. Respect the buyers minimum selling price and you'll get the house; otherwise you'll be looking for a house forever while the prices keep going up!

kerry22, May 13, 8:16pm
You'd be crazy not to get a pre purchase inspection done. You need to make sure that bathroom addition or log fire has council consent and is done to nz standards, otherwise when you come to sell, if other party gets inspection done they will not buy if they think they could be getting a lemon.

iwikiwi, May 13, 8:22pm
My lawyer does that when they get a LIM and PIM report from the Council. :)))
The reason I own my present home is because all the greedy gutses, out there, would not listen to what the seller wanted, and didn't realise they were not the only ones looking around for a house.
It's up to you to say, you think, the house is a lemon; but that's not going to change the sellers selling price. You have the right to look elsewhere if you think that. It's all about options! A sale is between a willing seller and a willing buyer!
Call me crazy if you want! Crazy and mortgage free! Whose got the last laugh now! :)))

lankylass, May 14, 12:21am
Inspections often bring up situations about a property that are not noticeable by purchasers. One house I was interested in purchasing had a small in-ground swimming pool tucked away at the rear of the property but unfortunately the fencing around it was built the wrong way. it was built like a ladder, more so it was the neighbours' fence. The house also had many other minor faults that would have cost quite a bit to fix. Another property I had inspected had a carport built without planning permission and the waste water from the house had been re-directed to run into the pipes taking the water away from the exterior of the house, which was illegal. Presumably the correct pipe had been blocked at some time. Even the real estate agent was horrified and was entirely agreeable when I said I would be pulling out of the purchase. Another house had woodworm underneath it but the inspector couldn't find the trap door to gain access to underneath the house, which presumably had been blocked up somehow by the vendors. But the inspector could see evidence of the woodworm and he knew it was alive because he could see dust from it hanging in cobwebs underneath the house. I could have ended up like the young couple on tv recently where it was found that their newly bought house was infested with woodworm right through and it had to be demolished! All of the above faults could not have been spotted by my lawyer. In one of my properties the only fault the inspector could find was a dent in the paintwork on one of the interior windowsills and with that house he actually suggested I buy it, which I did.

lankylass, May 14, 12:24am
Unless you are a builder, or have a qualified builder in the family, it is always advisable to have a property report done by a qualified company. The money spent on a report could save you thousands of $ later trying to correct faults after you have found them.

sandrar, May 14, 6:40am
Thanks we have already agreed on a price and the offer has been accepted. this is a requirement of the bank. but thank for you input

sandrar, May 14, 6:42am
Thanks David

sandrar, May 14, 6:44am
Thanks Lankylass. I agree. In this case the house is of age and the bank requires a full report. Thanks again

2meltonpark, May 17, 9:38am
What I'd like to know is how the MBIE Guidelines are going to affect pre purchase inspections of property. These repairs may not meet the Buidling code standard - despite the fact that it may be a consent exempted repair under the MBIE Guidelines - what is the unfortunate home owner to do? Sue the Insurer? A buyer is unlikely to touch a property that has had a dodgey repair done. You'd be crazy not to have a building report before buying in Chch today. Quite frankly I won't touch a Chch property built before 2012 now. Dodgey repairs, unconsented work - what next!

kerry22, May 17, 10:02pm
Your lawyer looks at the lim. Big deal. Does the lim show the wall that was illegally removed? No. That's what a building inspection is for. Imagine the cost of a lawyer making a house call to check your house! Crazy.

articferrit, May 17, 10:39pm
We actually paid for a LIM report once, biggest pack of lies ever written, I went and read through them myself, all the council inspections were signed off, but never done, land report signed off and never done, and on and on, sold it as fast as possible to the first person who didnt want a builders report (sorry to them) on our lawyers advise because the council was prepared to fight us every step of the way untill we gave up.

shazza34, May 18, 8:45am
Another recommendation for Whats Up. John did an inspection for us in early Jan and were really happy with the quality of the report.

piker55, Jul 28, 1:42am
Lankylass - curious as to why would you not recommend AA inspections? We have had a buyer who has got them to do a building inspection on property we are selling and the only problems they have identified are claims that the EQC repairs haven't been done properly (which is nonsense as unusually we had a really switched on Fletchers Supervisor who kept a very close eye on things) and then they have given the buyers a 'quote' to get the issues they have identified fixed. Strange that the only issues they can find in an 18 year old house are solely the EQC repairs!

paddypf, Jul 28, 6:52am
Used AA once, never again.

bugsy23, Oct 28, 3:37pm
Yes I'd go along with Whats Up. Knows what he is talking about and is happy to discuss the report with you in easy to understand language

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