Question: "Fletchers Substantive Repairs"

opencast, Jul 22, 6:21am

We are considering a proposed settlement from EQC. We've noticed that $149.99 has been paid to Fletcher Building. It says: Previous payments - Fletchers substantive repairs. Estimated repair $149.99. Net payment made $149.99.

Can anyone please tell me what this means? We've never had Fletchers on our property and never approved them to undertake any repairs on our house (nor have they done any repairs).


mm12345, Jul 22, 6:47am
Ask them. One of their many incompetent idiots probably entered the wrong street number on his iPad - when fraudulently submitting his lunch expense as a repair cost.

articferrit, Nov 26, 3:30pm
'substantive' - adj, expressing existence, having separate and independent existence.
I had to use the dictionary for that. I think you deserve an explanation - because Id like to know what it means too.

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