News flash re Rawhiti Golf Course .

golfaholic2, Jun 29, 2:22am
5 mins ago it was posted on Rawhiti's facebook page -

"The council has agreed to enter a management agreement with the Rawhiti Golf Club under which the club will maintain and operate the course for public use."

A good result for the East !

junie2, Jun 29, 4:15am

likit, Jun 29, 4:19am
Yes, very good.

gaspodetwd, Jun 29, 5:16am

tmc1, Jun 29, 8:54am
is it? maybe it would be better to be able to use the park as a family area and not a golf course. On this one i have to agree with the council - why does chch need so many golf courses and why does the council need to run one?

golfaholic2, Jun 29, 9:14am
First reason I can think of , Rawhiti is open to the public ALL DAY Saturday . no other course in Canterbury can say the same .

If you saw the true figures , you'd understand why the CCC has gone the way they have .

junie2, Jun 29, 10:42am
Rawhiti has always been well-used by the golfing community. I see community parks all over Chch with hardly anyone using them - much like the Cranford St cycle/walkway for instance. I think if something is utilised and appreciated then leave it be. We don't need to spend more money fixing something that isn't broken.

slimgym, Jun 29, 5:41pm
um there is Thompson Park 5 minutes away great park for famlies

lorryl, Jun 30, 5:07am
Also next to the Golf Course is a playground, tennis courts, beach volley ball court, dog park, Archery, Athletics, community garden, rugby/soccer grounds, netball courts. As well as Thompson Park. How much more park do people want. This Domain/park is second in size to Hagley Park. One of the East's hidden treasures.

fineo, Jun 30, 4:57pm
So the green fees will go up to help pay its way,and upkeep?

golfaholic2, Jun 30, 10:10pm
I seriously doubt it fineo . in fact , I understand the club tried to dissuade the CCC from lifting the fees at the last increase .

I would like to think we will see slight reductions , with specials run from time to time .

fineo, Jul 1, 1:33am
So the course was going to be closed due to $200,000 over run on costs.
Club is going to run it and not loose money
If its not going to be a burden on the rate payers, fair enough

kran32, Jul 1, 2:22am
This is good news. I have many happy memories of my dad and my uncles playing golf every Sunday on this course. My dad and I used to take many walks through the golf course late in the evenings. Sadly my dad is 87 now and not able to play golf any more but the memories I have bring a smile.

golfaholic2, Mar 13, 2:37pm
Almost everyone starts their golf careers at Rawhiti .

I think members should be proud of themselves for standing up to the plate

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