How much to charge for sleepout chch

briantamaki-god, Jan 22, 6:20am
4mx4m bedroom ensuite with huge shower /toilet and gas hotwater
4x4 mtr kitchen /lounge
all fittings new and just painted walls

astrophe, Jan 22, 6:26am
Start shopping for a sleepout. Look at existing ads, go and see what you get for that, and you'll get an idea what's the going rate.

jane310567, Jan 22, 6:54am
One bedroom? depends on area. I'd say if furnished in decent area about $275-$300/week. If unfurnished and less desirable area obviously less.

-weasel-, Jan 22, 7:21am
$200 I reckon for just one bedroom

phade01, Feb 5, 12:19pm
Depending on the area, I'd been keen to have a look?

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