Getting insurance with a new build?

ljx, Mar 2, 11:15pm
Hello, my house is about to be demolished and a new build will be under way by the end of the year, does anyone here know of companies offering full insurance cover on new builds. I was with AMI / Southern Response however since settling my claim now have no cover. Should i re-approach them or are there better options? what have you or people you know done? any advise would be very helpful. thanks

smoff79, Mar 2, 11:19pm
i don't think many offer full replacement anymore. most do sum insured amount which you would base on the cost to build plus some more to allow for demo site clear fee etc. I am with fmg but we are rural.

antonios1, Mar 3, 1:44am
Go to a broker - they will do all the leg work for you and get the best deal for you (at no cost to you). I can recommend Sue McKenzie at Lifetime Solutions (cnr Montreal and Moorhouse). Good luck with your build - we went through a new build last year and Sue was great. One of her off-siders also organised cover for the duration of the build and contents insurance for us as well.

cosimo, Mar 3, 1:45am
I am with Tower, and I am sure I have heard them advertising that they will provide full cover in case of complete destruction by fire - but I don't think it covers anything else.

hakatere1, Mar 3, 3:53pm
We're in Ashburton and lost absolutely nothing apart from 1x miniature tea set and our possession and ownership doubled.

jonners2013, Mar 3, 6:57pm
if you just mean you want insurance cover for your new build, then every insurance company out there is writing new policies for new builds.

onzy, Jan 9, 1:11pm
I second the above. We built a new house in a different area and had no problem getting sum insured insurance with AMI.
The online calculator was way out on the estimate, about double the cost of what it actually cost to build taking into account demo costs, fencing etc.

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