Graeme Robinson, Rogue EQC Engineer wins Appeal

planespotterhvn, Jul 30, 10:33am
What the?
The establishment must win at all cost otherwise those thousands of assessments for EQC would have to be done again. which morally and ethically they must!

rover79, Jul 30, 12:07pm
Makes you wonder doesn't it.
This must make all those claimants and the Judge wrong.
Does that mean they are all fraudsters.
God help everything else if all those other engineers are wrong.
Next thing this guy will be writing a book on assessments,,,,,,,,,,,,Ummmmm,-
maybe he already has going by a recent claim with insurance!

kevin.b, Jul 30, 1:09pm
I find it a worry that EQC only care about the workload that the original decision would make for them, and not whether the original decision was accurate or correct. Shouldn't surprise me though, EQC are well known to only care about themselves and not the homeowners.

"EQC had concerns Robinson's assessments might have to be re-opened.

It wrote to CPEC in December last year, saying public demands to reopen the assessments illustrated "the difficulties which the decisions will inevitably cause for EQC if they are allowed to stand".

planespotterhvn, Jul 30, 5:37pm
Truth fights against corporate convenience and loses this round. This CPEC needs investigating for an inappropriate decision due to potential corruption.

puddles11, Jul 30, 7:29pm
They made that abundantly clear immediately after the quakes when all they were interested in doing was getting themselves and their family on board the EQC gravy train, while sick, elderly and otherwise vulnerable people continued to wait in earthquake damaged housing for assistance. When I was growing up I remember the message being clear from EQC - when disaster strikes, they will be there to help. Now that they have been put to the test, the only things I shall ever associate with EQC are greed, corruption and incompetence.

david_270, Jul 30, 8:30pm
The appeal seems to have found that it was the brief that EQC gave to Robinson that was at fault.
It was the brief that made him incompetent & negligent.
Implies that the brief was wrong, and that EQC now needs to issue a revised brief to all its engineers, and revisit their scopes. Potentially a worse result for EQC than just Robinson found to be out of line.

janbodean, Jul 30, 8:54pm
If this was the result of the brief being wrong then you would have to wonder what the brief was exactly. This guy shorted everyone with his assessments.

retrodesign, Jul 30, 9:13pm
I agree. If this is the case then surely all assessments should be redone, regardless of the assessor?

propeller12, Aug 1, 7:35am
I agree

planespotterhvn, Jul 30, 2:09pm
And now EQC favoured repairer, Fletcher EQR is trying an arse covering exercise to deflect criticism regarding shonky oversight on poor quality repairs!

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