Snow in CHCH

yes it will snow all day. im always right.

mephismeltdown, Jun 23, 9:15 am

I was right

bosch2006, Jun 23, 9:40 am

Not one flake. Awesome work mr weather forecaster.

buzzy86, Jun 23, 11:40 am

The day isnt over yet.

dogbond, Jun 23, 11:44 am

I got sleet on my car about 10.30 am. Does that count?

blb71, Jun 23, 11:50 am

Somewhere in the world it will . not at my place.

samanya, Jun 23, 1:28 pm

LIES! No snow

2bit, Jun 23, 1:30 pm

just glooooom

stillwaters, Jun 23, 1:39 pm

Still sunny here

buzzy86, Jun 23, 1:40 pm

Does anyone know of a job apart from a weather forecaster where you can get it so wrong consistently & still hold your job down?

likit, Jun 23, 5:34 pm

Actually, they warn us of the possibilities. I remember a few years back . there were massive stock losses & the weather forecasting crowd (whatever they are called) got pilloried. Since then they have erred on the side of caution . it isn't all about townies who love snow, you know . there are heaps of people out there who need to be prepared in case. get the drift?

samanya, Jun 23, 6:22 pm

forecasters and politicians r about the only ones I can think of. but back to the weather. the way they get it wrong so often it wont be long before people will start to ignore the warnings and eventually get caught out. them the same situation will develop where they get pilloried. don't expect them to get it right all the time but they were warning of it happening so of course they are going to get stick and rightly so.

treecave, Apr 17, 3:39 am

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