gillian25, Aug 21, 2:21am
Cant even sit outside today. It smells like Paint Thinners.
They say its from the fire in Burwood.
Doesnt anyone else feel sick from it ?
Another EQC designed Fu. up in conjunction with the CCC

lilbubble, Aug 21, 3:47am
the smokes not toxic so they say most likely as true as john keys saying no more asset sales and or we wont increase gst huh

golfaholic2, Aug 21, 4:25am
The smoke IS toxic . theres plastics and all sorts in with the timber , much of which will be treated .
Some won't be treated , but you can bet a lot is

gillian25, Aug 21, 4:58am
just got a voice mail from CCC. the manager said the breeze has been blowing off shore all day today, so we wont actually be affected. I feel better already. WTF are they on?

mm12345, Aug 21, 5:59am
It might be something else. I can see out over where the fire was - and it was quite a spectacle for a long time - but I can't see even a wisp of smoke from there now, and it's a very calm clear evening.

I agree with golfaholic above. There's absolutely no way that was all untreated, unpainted, clean timber. As well as some treated timber with arsenic, there would have been lead paint and all other crap mixed in with it.

annarexic, Aug 21, 12:13pm
I live right by the forest and yes, the smell is hideous at times. I cant go out because it just "feels" toxic being out there. Tonight was quite a shocker (I could smell it on the cats when they came back inside from just being out for 10-15 minutes!) Although the fire was put out a week or so ago, a few days later we saw that it suddenly erupted again but was very short-lived because they extinguished it very quickly again. That means it may still be smouldering deep inside the pile (which is a massive "mini-mountain") and it can take some time to completely stop. With that, plus the types of rubbish (mainly plastics, man-made board etc) that are contained in there I'm not surprised it stinks the way it does.

planespotterhvn, Aug 21, 5:26pm
Huh? When logburner smoke from natural wood is declared dangerous and causes numerous deaths according to ECAN smoke nazi propoganda, ECAN has previously said that the Owaka Road rubbish fire two years ago was not hazardous to breathe by the Canterbury Medical officer of health Alistair Humphry. Yet someone living close to that burn, Greg Olive, privately contracted a smoke analysis and his pollution was 5 times the hi pollution threshold! Now a new uncontrolled burn off of similar materials is AGAIN considered safe to breath?
Yeah? Right!
Golfaholic comments?
MDF fires contain fomaldehyde fumes!

planespotterhvn, Aug 22, 5:36pm
meltica board and melamine board and other lmiates were present at the Owaka road fire near the Brougham to Hornby motorway. ECAN penalised the owersof this private dump. I wonder if ECAN will sanction themselves for their own dump catchig fire?

golfaholic2, Aug 22, 8:09pm
Do as we say not as we do .

golfaholic2, Aug 22, 8:13pm
Last year I drove past the building that burned in town while Bob Parker was milking the EQ's for all they were worth. wearing his orange hi-vis .
It was above a strip club ? .

The smell was rancid after 4yrs . the human nose can detect parts pre billion . I would not be worried about my health now the Burwood fire is out .
A different story if I lived closer by and the fire was still burning , especially if I had kids

How long before another fire breaks out ?

planespotterhvn, Aug 22, 8:22pm
spontaneous combustion, the wetter it gets the hotter it can be. Everytime they put out the fire it wets a different part of the pile.

planespotterhvn, Aug 22, 8:25pm
Typo corrected "Meltica board and melamine board and other laminates were present at the Owaka road fire. "

golfaholic2, Jul 23, 4:08pm
Owaka was predominantly MDF . you get some lovely smoke off it , if you want to die slowly and painfully that is .

The health officials quoted over the last few years have been talking thru holes in their heads .

Take David Meates from the CDHB who said burning wood produced far more sulphur dioxide than coal , which is going to be used to heat the hospital extension .
His chemistry is worse than a 10yr olds , with his facts not just arse about face , but also way way off base

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