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My daughter was driving today and was just about taken out by a bus driver who was turning into the street by the depot , yes she was a orange light but she was going straight ahead, I only say this because my husband car was nearly hit by a bus driver going threw a red light last week are we as a family just unlucky or are bus driver not driving very well at the moment

fat-like-me, Oct 6, 6:21 pm

It would seem bus drivers could sharpen up abit from todays press. fancy the bus' dashcam ceasing to work immediately before plowing into the poor dudes car. pretty dodgy man.

dannyboy24, Oct 6, 6:26 pm

Who was on the orange light? Your daughter or the bus driver?

treachug, Oct 6, 6:43 pm

She was on the yellow light and sailed straight on through? I have some eggs in the front seat for drivers that do that.

jcmp21, Oct 6, 6:56 pm

Egg-actly what I was thinking

treachug, Oct 6, 7:00 pm

Yes she was on a orange light but so was the bus driver who was turning with a load of passengers,shouldn't he have also stopped .

fat-like-me, Oct 6, 7:01 pm

Waited for a whole light cycle becasue of someone too inconsiderate to actually stop legally? Comes down to the parenting usually.

jcmp21, Oct 6, 7:03 pm

Really so that's why my husband nearly got taken out by bus driver going threw red light ,the bus driver must have had bad parents .

fat-like-me, Oct 6, 7:08 pm

I think I have it correct. so your daughter was going straight thru the intersection & the bus was coming toward her & wanting to turn right (so normally this would be after she had continued through the intersection (on a green) or across in front of her if she had stopped? (orange) So orange light & the bus started to turn & started the right turn in front of her but your daughter continued to enter the intersection on the orange light to continue straight ahead?

treachug, Oct 6, 7:33 pm

Yes that sounds right i know she shouldn't have gone on the orange light but she was across the line when it turned orange ,and the bus just turned in front of her which I think he shouldn't have done because as I see it if you are traveling forward you have right of way to somebody turning

fat-like-me, Oct 6, 8:32 pm

She was right,dead right as she sped along
She's just as dead as if she was wrong

captaingraham, Oct 6, 8:54 pm

When my Dad taught me to drive many years ago his rule was if the light is orange when you are at the first arrow before lights (most lights have 2 direction arrows on the road approaching lights) then you can stop safely.
Past that things can be a bit sudden for anyone behind you.
However these days everyone seems to be pushing it at the lights. I have seen many close calls so maybe everyone just be more cautious?

lesleyd3, Oct 6, 9:03 pm

Who said she was speeding it was in the middle of town she was going quite slow in fact therefore she was able to afford the turning bus ,now I know why I don't ever post on Trade Me

fat-like-me, Oct 6, 9:05 pm

Why doesn't anyone think that the bus driver might have been wrong to try a turning on a orange light

fat-like-me, Oct 6, 9:08 pm

i do

dannyboy24, Oct 6, 9:43 pm

Thank you

fat-like-me, Oct 6, 9:44 pm

I do especially since he is a professional driver, although I know before the earthquakes long term unemployed people were being pushed into bus driving

slimgym, Oct 6, 10:07 pm

Post 11 wasn't implying she was speeding. far from it - its part of an old limerick for cautionary drivers used in many books about driving etc. google it & you will understand.
I would say both drivers are at fault - your daughters just had a big wake up call - that is to stay alert at intersections - this may help her in the future.

treachug, Oct 6, 10:52 pm

She was alert therefore she missed hitting the bus ,as I said he ""Turned" in front of her .End of story

fat-like-me, Oct 6, 10:57 pm

Your daughter and her ilk are the scourge of drivers on Christchurch roads.

sw20, Oct 7, 1:22 pm

And you are a idiot.

fat-like-me, Oct 7, 6:08 pm

Doesn't it say in the road code that you have to let buses go first due to having to keep to a timetable for people to catch them at the right time.

retroqueen1, Oct 7, 9:44 pm


captaingraham, Oct 7, 10:24 pm

Bus drivers are continually turning on the red light at Richill Street and Main North Road. One day two! of them turned on the red when I had waited for one to go and had pulled out with the green which only lasts about 4 seconds and then its another 4-5 minute wait. when is red not a red?

moodybleu, Oct 8, 1:44 pm

Well there should be, I'm sick of being on buses held up by selfish car users.

retroqueen1, Oct 8, 9:25 pm

Happens all the time, straight through traffic not stopping on orange and leaving a stationary vehicle in the middle of the intersection to make their turn on a red light.

rover79, Oct 9, 11:20 am

No just very annoyed at self important drivers that decide to keep sailing on through yellow and then into red lights as people are waiting to turn right.

sw20, Oct 9, 5:02 pm

Well, I've got a fair amount of sympathy for the bus driver who is under huge pressure to keep to a timetable.

And while might is not necessarily right, I tend to defer to large vehicles like buses and trucks, because even if I'm in the right, I'm still the one that is going to come off worse if push comes to shove.

mbos, Oct 9, 5:50 pm

I see a lot of drivers blowing off orange and red lights- going straight through instead of stopping. Could be hazardous to turning traffic.

tygertung, Oct 9, 5:50 pm

What about the vehicle behind the one that goes thru the orange. I've seen that happen so many times that it amazes me every time

dolphinlu, Jan 26, 4:23 am

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