Skip bin hire , who has the best deal in town

Wanting to have a big clean out now the weathers nice , who is best to use for general rubbish , anyone had any good deals lately.

maddsno, Sep 29, 5:08 pm


stickman4u, Sep 29, 9:00 pm

Best thing to do is look up all the outfits in town and then email them all. See who has the best price and if they can't be bothered emailing you back their service is going to be rubbish.

tygertung, Sep 30, 6:03 am

I used book a bin ordered on line and paid on line they were cheapest for hard fill not sure about rubbish but they were good

pepper-nala, Oct 1, 3:24 pm

go to the side bar this question comes up every 2 months or so

slimgym, Oct 1, 9:51 pm

I booked one today, has a ring round about 4 or 5, the cheapest was one advertising here on TM. Can't remember name but number is 341 1111 (see service ad for Chch, they are the only one there). It is 249 for 3m, 349 for 7.5m, and 399 for 9m. Mine is booked for Monday morning, defo time for a big clearout here. Good thing about this crew is they are happy for you to have it for a week, a couple of the others were cheaper for 1 day, but more for 2 days or more. That's general rubbish, not hardfill by the way, assume that is what you are getting rid of?, Mar 6, 4:11 am

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