Mike Greer houses - built in quick time

ang_ck, Aug 18, 8:21am
Did anyone watched the TVNZ documentary where they show a Mike Greer house that is built using German technology and can be built in quick time?

Anyone has experience with Mike Greer houses?


david_270, Aug 18, 9:14am
Use the search function & look at old threads for some comments.

ang_ck, Aug 18, 9:26am
thank you, will do that now

tygertung, Aug 18, 6:17pm
My mate had a garden shed built by them. He reckoned it was very accurate. He says it was built by terminators.

fineo, Aug 19, 3:00am
Its a very impressive set up.
Should see some impressive build times.

david_270, Aug 19, 5:46am
when they manage to be on site.

nade93, Aug 20, 1:38am
Friends of ours took 18 months to build a standard house with them

pandai, Aug 20, 4:21am
I like the look of that system - until now it's the sort of thing I only have seen on Grand Designs on telly. Would love to have more efficient building systems available.

fineo, Aug 20, 4:34am
Europeans have been using this system for years,
We NZ had to catch up eventually.
The interesting part will be how much they will reduce the build cost.

subs1, Aug 4, 3:41pm

Data released under the Official Information Act showed Stonewood Homes and Mike Greer Homes - Canterbury's largest home builders - failed more than 34 per cent of their final inspections in the second half of last year. In August alone, 54 per cent of Stonewood's homes failed.

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