Electrician can anyone recommend one?

3amigoes, Feb 26, 6:06pm
Would like one that is reliable, honest and does good workmanship. Our regular one has retired and I am sick of the muppet tradesmen that have come out of the woodwork since the quakes?

woodhouse_elect, Feb 26, 6:12pm
Look on trade me services

cabbage07, Feb 26, 7:17pm
Kj electrical are very good

devine-spark, Feb 26, 10:13pm
Rob Winchester - A electrical ltd

Does all our stuff, quick friendly and efficient.

rob312, Feb 26, 10:53pm
Woodhouse electrical are superb!

jane310567, Feb 26, 11:09pm
another tick for woodhouse.

tonijo, Feb 27, 3:55am
and a third tick for Dave Woodhouse

tiles, Feb 27, 5:28am
Always use Gary Lee Electrical ,great bunch of guys

lesleyd3, Feb 27, 5:54am
Fm electric , hills road

ggoodwin, Feb 27, 7:52am
Arnold Jensen electricians are great

lisacc, Feb 27, 9:05am
A Electrical

si50, Feb 27, 9:12am
Pye electrical

jambee1, Feb 27, 10:14am
Woodhouse Electrical

kam04, Jan 11, 6:54am
What part of Chch do you live in and what sort of work do you require to be done

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