I'm scared to ask but.

jamesnmatt, Mar 5, 12:32am
What is that God-awful smell lingering over Eastgate? !

-weasel-, Mar 5, 12:37am
Ooooh the answers to that one.
Your leaving it wide open here!

honest-reliable, Mar 5, 2:43am
probably the Hardwok or those that are suffering from it

martin11, Mar 5, 3:16am

shortee2, Mar 5, 3:21am
Just been to East Gate, all good, maybe your Nose, is too close to your Bum.

lambrat, Mar 5, 3:24am
LOL . brilliant thread title too!

jcmp21, Mar 5, 5:49am
It's Eastgate.

robyn35, Mar 5, 5:54am
was it down Woodham Road round about by the road works, its been stinky for a few weeks

melp6, Mar 5, 5:56am
It's not the bodies finally decomposing that got buried there is it?

Or is that the Palms?

jessebird, Mar 6, 8:30am
What bodies?

gregjo, Mar 7, 12:29am
I'd like to know the answer to this too, it's been decidedly whiffy the last few times we've driven that way

craftylady1, Mar 7, 1:19am
Might be the combination of KFC, BK and McDonalds all my n close proximity

robyn35, Mar 7, 1:24am
nah its not that, its more towards woodham road that its really stinky

coops39, Jan 7, 6:00am
its the poo ponds!

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