Do you know these people

bandrach, Mar 30, 5:36am
No longer showing

aj.2., Mar 30, 5:45am
Update , they have been in contact with police, and the OP of the thread is going to push the police to lay charges of theft.

lankylass, Mar 30, 5:47am
That is because the police didn't show any interest in doing so. They evidently didn't even want to watch the video footage taken by the OPs security camera!

david_270, Mar 30, 6:23am
Christchurch police have form with this stuff.
Another guy had video of a burglar in his driveway, and the police refused to act.
The area commander later apologised, but looks like they are up to the same game. Perhaps they have been training with EQC?

melcraig, Dec 23, 3:43pm
Apparently so! It's pretty appalling. Especially considering that the one that was burgled has made it so easy for them, yet there's still a reluctance to act.

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