B&B recommendations in Chch

Cousin coming from Italy next month, and she wants to stay at a B&B for a few days in Chch. Any recommendations? Thanks.

goatchickens, Oct 13, 8:15 am

Orari and The Grange are both really nice, and in the CBD, so handy to lots of restaurants, shops etc.

char522, Oct 13, 9:52 pm

jane310567, Oct 13, 9:54 pm

Thanks so much! I don't live in town, so I have no clue what's good and what's not.

goatchickens, Oct 14, 1:36 pm

Eliza's Manor House in Bealey Avenue is really nice, has been extensively upgraded over the past couple of years while retaining the heritage features of the building.

bugsy23, Oct 14, 3:32 pm

Second vote for Orari. Beautiful building and central location :)

ggoodwin, Jan 14, 2:20 am

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