Jack and pack/piling/levelling

crissy21, Sep 10, 4:30am
. anyone out there have any recommendations on reliable company?

cranken28, Sep 10, 5:39am
Do it yourself . . someone under house with a bottle jack and someone inside on the floor with a sprit level.

martin11, Sep 10, 6:56am
You will never get a house level doing this way , !

subs1, Sep 10, 7:11am
Oh dear , oh dear ! Such a WONDERFULLY well informed suggestion ! That would be the blindest leading the blind with that idea !

robyn35, Sep 10, 8:41am
hahahaha would you believe this is what actually happened in my kitchen, didnt work properly though and all had to be redone by an informed LBP

mm12345, Sep 10, 9:05am
What we did was even cruder - no spirit level, but while my LBP builders cranked it up from below, I stayed above checking the two doors which were out of whack - yelling out to them "just a wee tweak more" until the doors aligned and freed up. I didn't "ease" any doors - IMO that's taking the wrong approach. That was it - went down below with a tape, measured the lift against the laser level measurements we'd taken beforehand, that all tied in perfectly, ripped 1/2 dozen piles out and replaced them, tied everything back down (far stronger than it had been before), fitted galv bar/bolts to all joins in bearers, straps to all bearer / post connections etc. Total cost a shade over $3k. I'd been quoted up to $15k to do the same work.

ETA - actually a bit more than $3k. It cost an extra $750 for builder's insurance I needed to take out, and $250 for a structural engineer who spent a hour with me walking around, me telling him exactly what we intended to do with the instruction that if he had any concern about how we were going to do the work, then he should tell me.
Insurance company also needed details of the work before they would issue the policy.
That all done about 3 years ago. Repairs completed 6 months ago - I project managed the lot, very happy with the result - and not one dispute with any of the contractors I used.

granny98, May 24, 2:07pm
Heritage house movers, ! jacked packed piles & relevelleved. Very quick & efficient

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