No water?

Anyone in sockburn got no water?

cjh1, Jul 12, 8:30 am

You sure its "no water" and not frozen pipes?

debs10, Jul 12, 8:32 am

Your pipes will be frozen.

shakirafan, Jul 12, 8:38 am

Yeah apparently lot of calls this morning so have to wait an hour. Fun

cjh1, Jul 12, 8:41 am

So is it no water? I am in Hoon Hay and not had this problem before?

flyingpencil, Jul 12, 9:06 am

Council told me to call back in hour coz they think frozen pipes

cjh1, Jul 12, 9:07 am

Doubt it's cold enough for frozen pipes

cjh1, Jul 12, 9:09 am

could try talking to your neighbours

jonners2013, Jul 12, 9:12 am

We seem to be only one. Yes but we have had several -5 nights and not frozen

cjh1, Jul 12, 9:14 am

Mine was frozen pipe - but luckily just a small section that is exposed outside. Have unthawed it and am back on. Off to placemakers for lagging!

flyingpencil, Jul 12, 10:02 am


flyingpencil, Jul 12, 10:03 am

It has to below zero for quite a long time before the frost will get below the ground.

tygertung, Jul 12, 10:36 am

Last time we had -5 the pipes froze at mine. left a tap dripping last night and that seems to work.

moodybleu, Jul 12, 10:40 am

We used to do that in the UK. Moving water less likely to freeze.

flyingpencil, Jul 12, 3:52 pm

No water for me this morning so I am presuming frozen pipes. I'm glad there was plenty in the jug so I can make a hot drink while I wait :)

supersapper, Jul 13, 8:56 am

We don't have any water from cold tap in Mairehau. Has happened a few times before over the years. Comes right later in the day.

klc1, Jul 13, 9:39 am

If your house has cold water pipes in the roofspace, this is where the water can be freezing, not outside underground. This can happen during Severe frosts, which we are having some of lately.

annie30a, Jul 13, 10:26 am

we had the same prob with no hot water we are in Bromley frozen pipes apparently sme thing happened yesterday in the morning then came right after awhile , think some one was out there fixing problem

lovecats1, Jul 13, 10:41 am

Our little hot water cylinder for the kitchen froze this morning - nothing at all came out. Its in the ceiling. Seems to be ok now. The cold water tap (which is direct from the bore) was fine.

chew01, Jul 13, 10:51 am

Dont use the HW until pipes unfreeze, as you can damage the cylinder.

lm446, Jul 13, 12:12 pm

A good concept to use for ceiling pipes is to unlag them, remove the ceiling unsulation from directly below them and place the ceiling batts over the pipes to enable house heat to keep the pipes warm. Use extra batts to fill any gaps that may result.

planespotterhvn, Jul 13, 12:26 pm

Rural here and for the first time in many years we had no water, that was at 2am. It took until 11-30 to run. With heavy white frosts the past few days the water has been fine so last nights must have been a beauty.

kacy5, Jul 13, 12:29 pm

2 mornings now no water come thru about 11 -30

harrislucinda, Jul 13, 3:13 pm

Spare a thought for those of us who have to work in it#####

bobin55, Jul 13, 3:52 pm

Outside? Won't be long and we will be grizzling how windy/hot it is.

kacy5, Jul 13, 6:01 pm

Just been out to cover pipes and pump INSIDE the hay shed. First time ever but I don't want to wait for water to flow in the morning. I shall run it periodically during the night as I do when expecting a hard frost but forgot last night and when I tried at 2am it was too late despite bath, shower and basins turned on to try and clear it. Sunny windless days are worth it though.

kacy5, 6 days, 6 hours

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