Anyone had an Eqc assessment with engineer

shells76, Apr 28, 9:10am
We are expecting an assessment with an Eqc engineer and wondering if anyone has been thru this experience lately?
Just wanting to know what to expect and look for,any comments would be appreciated.Eqc want to jack n pack,we are not so sure.

ang152, Apr 28, 9:30am
my experience with EQC was horrendous. and I got my own eng report done. they finally accepted my report. but that was a 2 and a half yr battle. record the meeting if you choose to go through with it. but I would be getting my own expert there.

adnil3, Apr 28, 11:13am
video record the entire assessment. i had same issue with jacknpack and eqc refusal to accept the damage. got report, eqc walked into my home, asked for report which i gave him. immediately he said, we aint doing this, nor that. i asked how can u say no to any repairs if u havent looked at anything other than a piece of paper. his reply was ~ i can~ . i so wish i had recorded it.

shells76, Apr 29, 6:20am
Thanks linda when did this assessment take place?

adnil3, Apr 29, 7:23am
shells76, this was last august. i gave up fighting them, they too big and stress taken its toll. i repaired my home using everything ive saved. now need to sell for my sanity, it dont feel like a home anymore. i will never buy another place as couldnt bear paying eqc another cent or having to go through it all again. please record everything, even having witnesses aint enough. good luck

shells76, Dec 5, 2:16pm
Hi Linda,sorry to hear that stress has got to you, hope things improve.
I think the people that set up eqc would turn in their graves if they could see how it was being run today.

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