You know you live in Christchurch when

deniseandsteve, Feb 1, 8:56am
You spend part of a beautiful sunday night spraying weeds in the shingle that has appeared in place of what was once the footpath in front of your overcap damaged home sandwiched between a house about to be demolished and one sold as is where is uneconomic to repair.Waiting for the insurance company to tell you they can fix yours by pouring lmg under it. Sorry just sharing a few drunken thoughts with the world

lambrat, Feb 1, 9:10am
don't apologise! you have posted in the appropriate place, lol.
was thinking similar while just out cycling this evening. noticing a few more changes, like how you can tell where different people live in houses now because previous owners/tenants kept tidier front yards and berms. seeing big weeds along frontages and into footpaths where previously they'd be pulled out by now. and thinking they should be looking after them, seeing its unlikely we'll be getting new ones any time soon.

brightlights60, Feb 2, 3:50am
OP I hear you. Done that to the drive, the drive that we got paid out for half of what it would cost to replace. We did the roof instead as it wasn't earthquake damage but was on its last legs. The weeds seem to survive everything we chuck at them. Just have to regularly poison them.

survivalkiwi, Feb 2, 6:33am
You know you live in Chch when
You come home from a night out to find your house has been robbed and your first reactions is "not again"

gillian25, Feb 2, 10:45am
or you go away for the weekend and your neighbours house has been demolished.when you return on Tuesday.

devine-spark, Feb 2, 10:57am
You know you live in Christchurch when:
You have to leave regularly just to survive living here.

smf6661, Feb 2, 12:16pm
When you cant even go outside in the evenings because you get eaten alive by millions of midge's,& you cant shut 5 windows so they all come inside as well.

iwikiwi, Feb 2, 3:37pm
You know you live in Christchurch when you live in the Woolston/Ferrymead area! We were lucky that the land in my area didn't get affected by earthquakes, a commercial property over the road even sold a week or two after the major earthquakes! My road was open all through the earthquakes. Dark side is that traffic increased 100 fold because road never got liquifaction.
During the major quakes I'd see Christchurch on those International Red Cross Disaster Appeal advertisements, like you see for 3rd world nations, and I couldn't comprehend that it was the same city I was living in, as we were mostly unaffected by the quakes in the part of Woolston I live in. My brain was just numb and shocked that those ads were talking about the city I live in!
I can sympathise with you!
Instead of letting all the stress build up, and affect your health, start to do something proactive. Don't wait to hear from the insurance company, keep sending emails, in writing, so as to have evidence of complaint. Then forward the email to the Council, complaints to CERA, or whomever!
Just look to the future and think about all the beautiful buildings that will go up next door when they are rebuilt, and increase the value of your property. Send email to people who are meant to be demolishing those buildings and say its holding up your rebuild. Just keep complaining as its good for your health to let out all your frustrations about your current situation.
There is light at the end of the tunnel. Try to block out negative thoughts with positive thoughts, such as, well, at least I have a home to live in! I hear what you are saying though! There are a lot of untold stories, where people are just stuck in limbo! I wish the media would expose this!

bigrichie, Feb 3, 7:27pm
Well at least one thing hasn't changed - you know you live in CHCH when the forecast is for blustery nor'west.

coverdrive, Feb 3, 9:55pm
You know you live in Christchurch when you have to multiply by three the time it will take to get anywhere in the city (except on Christmas Day) because of roadworks/cordons/heavy vehicles blocking access, compared to pre earthquake times. Complicating this is the sheer increase in bigger 4WD vehicles, whose drivers think they own the place, run red lights, and generally behave badly on the road.

ambrosia61, Feb 3, 10:16pm
You now you are in Christchurch when driving on a smooth piece of road feels like luxury . Thanks iwikiwi for your 'think positive' attitude,oh how I wish it was that simple, thanks anyway. Our insurance company has me so confused I don't even know where the tunnel is.!

jessebird, Feb 4, 12:47am
Same here.

deansstand, Feb 4, 7:17am
you know you live in Christchurch ,when you see a house in two pieces, being transported along a busy road, and wonder, it,s another being recycled .

bootsy2003, Feb 4, 9:45am
. when you have to check every week which way you can get out of your street. Gets a bit annoying when it's stopped both ends as Bassett St it at the moment

calista, Feb 4, 9:49am
When you finally get the tradies out of your house and are ready to have the new driveway laid - then someone comes along blocking off your place so they can lay broadband cables.

(a small problem in the general scheme of things I know)

And Bootsy related to that was the time Ferry road had signs saying "Please use other footpath" on both sides of the road at once. At least it gave me a laugh.

stillwaters, Feb 4, 8:21pm
You know you are from Christchurch when every trip to the Hospital is like an episode of Wipeout. An obstacle at every corner, and thats before you even get into the building. Come on CDHB "lets make everyone sicker than they were before just by making it sooooo hard to get here or stay here. and while we are at it, lets see if we can break down the people who are there to support them as well, by making it almost impossible to find parks, making them walk a lot further to get in the building, and make the trip in and out as stressful as possible.
Rant over.

articferrit, Feb 5, 2:24am
the safety shop has run out of orange fluro shirts!

loose.unit8, Feb 5, 2:29am
You know you're from Christchurch when you visit Auckland for a weekend and see an empty lot and catch yourself thinking "oh, must be a rebuild"

lil_tarnz, Feb 5, 3:01am
calista wrote:
then someone comes along blocking off your place so they can lay broadband cables.

omfg those people are so annoying. they took (i kid you not) 4 MONTHS to finish their job outside my place. try being woken up at 7am with non stop drilling till 4pm everyday.

and then having your driveway blocked off unexpectedly and they don't even let you drive in/out of your own house!

makes you wanna murder someone

jostheboss, Jan 27, 9:42am
I couldn't agree more! Its a nightmare trying to find parking and by the time you get to visit you feel as stressed as the patient.

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