Salvage Quote Southern Response

000frosty000, Jun 29, 9:19pm
Just wanting to know who has been through this when trying to retain their property. My house was built in 1990 and the only things i see worth any salvage value is the heat pump & oven.

Surely single glazed aluminium windows and roofing iron has no real salvage value, especially in chch!

Anyone who has been through this it would be great to hear your outcome?

david_270, Jun 30, 6:56am
Usually it is the demo company that has the demo rights, and you would negotiate with them for any salvage. If you want to sell your house "as is" then of course SR will try to skin you alive. Try some of the FB groups for others experiences.

rocklover, Mar 17, 3:33pm
they were very reasonable with me. they admitted that a house of that age, with original kitchen and bathroom, that there was no value for salvage, and they waivered it. Just talk to them.

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