Whats happening in Riccarton road

kids4ever, Mar 8, 1:33am
heard something on the radio in car, but couldn't quite pickup what was going on

-weasel-, Mar 8, 3:36am

bigbadfun, Mar 8, 5:30am
. the protesters had wanted to "send a message that the Government can't ignore".

LOL. Fail.

kids4ever, Mar 8, 5:45am
thanks, been into stuff and got the info and was on TV

farminglad, Mar 8, 7:20am
It was a day out for all the no hopers that had nothing better to do today , if they put as much effort into their working life , whopps my mistake the dont work.

usualsuspect, Mar 8, 8:34am
generalization much?

wanderer52, Jan 5, 10:02pm
Head, sand, much.

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