Non IAG Insurance co's?

zoopa, Apr 11, 11:40pm
I know AA is one, what are the others?

bratpack06, Apr 12, 12:43am
FMG, vero, Zurich, tower, anybody gotta be better than IAG.

golfaholic2, Apr 12, 3:59am
Cant argue with that logic , State are a pack of thieves

david_270, Apr 12, 4:07am
Most of the others aren't any better. Tower and Vero were for a while competing to be the worst IC.

grad111, Apr 12, 5:54am
aa Insurance is owned by iag a

stupettig, Apr 12, 6:51am
No as insurance is a joint venture between as motoring club, and subcorp. Nothing to do with IAG.

cloffie, Dec 15, 4:08pm
David Tower still in the competition to be the foulest believe me
More Streamgroup than Tower calling the shots though me thinks

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