What is that smell?.

dencan, May 2, 5:38am
It is in the air over Waltham/Sydenham, is kind of perfumed and not at all unpleasant, but is very strong, and has been evident at numerous times over the last month or so.

golfaholic2, May 2, 5:56am
It wont be the stench of wood smoke we had to put up with working just off Harewood Rd today . some numpty burning all his garden rubbish .
ECan will send someone to chat to him next week , if he's still burning of course .
Pollution hotline pfffffft . at least a complaint was lodged and it will appear in the figures when they try to lie about the sources of particulate etc

aj.2., May 2, 6:34am
There is a cremation place in Sydenham, may be that.

dencan, May 2, 6:49am
I recall an issue with a Woolston stink maker. animal renderer or similar, so wonder if the perfumed smell is to cover their stink?

ferrarigirl, May 2, 9:49am
Could always do what I did with an old neighbour a couple of doors down who used to burn his rubbish and wouldn't respond to neighbours complaints about it. oh the stench was awful. Thick clouds of smoke pouring over the fresh washing. I used to climb over the back fence with buckets, wait til no one was around and put his fire out. He got the message after a while.
Should probably add I meant our back fence not his! I didn't have to trespass to put his fire out lol

iwikiwi, May 2, 7:02pm
Most probably some illegal, home based backyard, business handling chemicals, outside, so they don't breathe it in. Or it could be a neighbour cooking that P drug. (Just a guess!) So many senarios to choose from!

iwikiwi, May 2, 7:06pm
Could also be the Gelita factory in Woolston. Smelt their rotten carcasses smell yesterday or the day before; sometimes the smell is camoflouged and sometimes it is not.

iwikiwi, May 3, 7:09pm
Update on Gelita Factory Woolston. Just received a letter from Environment Canterbury Regional Council saying that they have granted Gelita permission to pollute the atmosphere for the next couple of years, (conditions apply), without being fined. So you might get more wiffs of rotting animal hides, depending on wind direction.

golfaholic2, May 3, 8:33pm
Throw enough money at ECan and they will allow anything . screw the environment , screw the people .

Someone needs to dump rotting animal carcasses on ECans front door step to let them have a taste of the stink

david_270, May 3, 9:33pm

dencan, Sep 11, 3:35pm
It's in the air again right now, and very strongly scented (not unpleasant) - wasn't there just a half hour ago. ?

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